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Is it a possibility to alter the human body with alchemy or magick?

The human body is grotesquely ugly, weak, and fragile. Is it possible to first experiment and then alter a body through any kind of alchemy or with magick circles?
The changes necessary would be additional appendages, epidermal alterations, additional organs, and alterations of present senses/organs.
I would like to make a note that this is no joke and will ignore any individuals who think that I am being humourous. Do not lecture, it’s a waste of time. Provide answers or websites only.


  1. Dont even try or youll end up getting yourself possesed. Leave magick alone, demons are responsible for magick.
    Come to Jesus Christ..

  2. Do you have murderous instincts? Like say to perform experiments on people to test the vastness of human potential.

  3. When you speak of the necessary changes, do you mean to say they are necessary to make the human body stronger or to replace lost organs, etc?
    As far as I’m concerned, those necessary changes can be altered using simple science. Stem cells can be used for cloning. Alteration of senses can be started through drugs.
    When you say alchemy, surely you don’t mean the “science” that failed to produce any results other than gunpowder.
    If, when you say “magick circles,” you are referring to a Pagan religion, namely Wicca, I have to ask you something. Has it ever shown real results? Do you have results to back up your claims. I’m talking about real this-century results. Not Stonehenge or something that happened in centuries past.
    Science is the only answer to your question. Don’t let false hopes crush your constitution.

  4. the short answer…. no.
    a quick quote on magick…
    “Magick will allow you to recognize who and what you are so that you may realize your full potential; however, it will not transform you into something which you are incapable of being.” Gerald del Campo
    and now the lecture.
    you would probably achieve far greater results by changing your view of the human body and figuring out where that view came from. all life, from bacteria to redwood is fragile and can be wiped out on a whim. the human body is as weak as the human within it allows it to be. grotesque ugliness and sublime beauty are both within the eye of the beholder.
    it is impossible to randomly decide to grow an extra limb or organ or to alter your skin. those things are possible with the right genetic defects.
    you could alter the level of your senses by shutting one down for a period of time and let the others make up for it. for example, using your left hand exclusively if you are right handed.

  5. Well some people believe thai this is possible – to some extend. All I know and the tradition I am working with says no. You can change your self – as in inner self but that is about it. But then, what do I know….


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