Home Discussion Forum Is it a form of Telepathy when you meet the one?

Is it a form of Telepathy when you meet the one?

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  1. Not always. I’ve felt that with people who were definitely the WRONG ones before.
    My HTB is my best friend, he’s crazy sexy, I have fun with him, and I feel beautiful around him…but I had to learn how to appreciate men who treated me with respect before I was ready for him. And I had to learn what healthy love felt like, because it wasn’t what I was used to.
    Sometimes people can put this energy out into the universe that causes these weird synchronicities to happen. It makes everything feel like kismet. Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s not…it depends on the energy going out to begin with.

  2. I suppose everybody experiences something different. I personally never believed in love at first site or that there’s only ONE person in the ENTIRE world for anybody. I thought that there are numerous people I could be happy with, it’s about finding one and recognizing it. While I still don’t necessarily think that there’s only one person for me, I do believe that some things are just meant to be. I’m not married or engaged yet. But I have an absolutely wonderful boyfriend who i’m so in love with! It seems like it’s every day that I become more and more sure that he’s the person I MUST spend the rest of my life with. I can’t imagine a future with anybody else and I love planning a life with him. I can’t wait until i’m done with grad school and we can start our life together (doing long distance right now). I think he would say something similar as well, the feelings grew – neither of us just knew immediately upon meeting.

  3. Some people believe that finding your soul mate is actually finding the other half of your own soul. Like the Yin and the Yang share the circle of life each with a drop of the other within… They are the person who has always held your heart within them and it has lead them to you who were born with their heart


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