Is it a fact that Mary the Mother of God in the Christian belief is actually based on earlier pagan beliefs?

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that God was a female? And that thus to title Mary as the Mother of God’s child is a demotion for her? NOTE: If this question is deleted I will know that someone’s faith is threatened. I mean no disrespect, but you do realize that neither the Christian nor the pagan beliefs are provable, don’t you?

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Lady Morgaine TTC#1

I’ve actually heard that myself. It’s an interesting thought. I mean, look at the stone figures found of women, and the slew of Goddesses in the greek and roman hierarchy.


Most of the Christian mythologies are based in earlier pagan traditions.


I am sure the atheists would like to believe that trot.


I don’t think Catholics think Mary was God!? I know that their are some specific pagan parallel but I’ve never heard of Mary being God in any of them.


Almost all christian beliefs are derived from the earlier pagan gods and sects.So,yes.

Farsight (The anti-Chris)

It is not a fact. Historians of all sorts will admit the “mother holding the child” motiff is based on earlier depictions of pagan Gods. But that motiff is still all over the place even today. Mary and Jesus themselves, however, have no connection to older pagan deities or to their mothers.
Mary as mother of God is not a demotion. In the Christian church, she was never a deity. The term mother of God originated as a testament to Christ’s divinity anyway. In the face of an increasing amount of Christians believing that Jesus was not divine, the Church created this title for Mary to declare that she was mother of GOD, not just a man named Jesus. It is a reaffirmation of His divinity and really says little about Mary herself that we don’t already know.

Old Guy

I have heard that some of the doctrines about Mary are based on the goddess Isis in ancient Egypt.


No it isn’t. It is fantasy – and certainly not provable.


Yes.I can never approve of the idea that God who created the Universe would have a mother.
that’s really strange.

Catholic To The Max

No. Plain and simple.

Shay M

Many christian ways came from pagan/celtic belief. Easy to convert people when the flavor is similar.

Samantha B

Actually most of the religion as a whole is taken from pagan beliefs much older than itself. Almost everything from the name and story of Jesus to the holidays they celebrate was taken almost word for word from older pagan religions like the egyptians, greeks and english pagans.
You are right, no religion can be proven to be true but it can be proven almost beyond a shadow of a doubt to be false.


Why would anyone’s faith be threaten by a question?!
Christian beliefs are well documented and proven.
Since God created the entire universe, all elements within His creation shows a glimmer of the Creator. So could pagan elements of belief be reflective of God? Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, American Indian philosophy, Buddhism, Hindu, etc…
Of course.
Yet, the entire Truth is Christianity. Jesus came to fulfill the completeness of Truth.
Just the Facts.

۞ ☂ønaŦhan ۞

Yes, the pagan trinity in Babylon was Nimrod Semiramis and Tammuz. The Catholic church call Mary the Mother of God, and co redemptrix meaning that Mary is necessarily for salvation as well. Mary is Semiramis, Jesus is Tammuz and God the Father is Nimrod in Roman Catholicism or should I say Roman Paganism. All the rituals and practices in Papal Rome comes from Babylon which was also practiced in Ancient Pagan Rome. The Lady of Fatima and all these false Mary apparitions are meant to deceive Christians into believing she is a God. In the bible Jesus says woman what shall I do with thee. He only called her mother at his death.
Only Jesus Christ can save, all else is a lie. The bible never teaches Mary is a God.

Brother Jonathan

No, not at all. There are only a few mentions of Christ’s birth in the Old Testament. The earliest was the promise, by God, to Eve, that her Seed (Jesus!) would crush the serpent’s head. Another is in Isaiah 7:14 where God, speaking through the prophet, spoke of a virgin having a son. I can’t think of any more verses at this time–and I don’t have my Bible with me as I write this.
Additionally, Mary herself was aware of the blessing and yet the problems or being an unwed Jewish girl of that time. Hardly anybody believed her story that her Child was the God-man, Jesus Christ, Who was and is the second Person of the Trinity. Her song of praise, which some call the Magnificat, is found in Luke chapter 1. Simeon, who had God’s guarantee that he wouldn’t die until he saw the Messiah, gave some other words to Mary–“yea, a sword shall pierce your own soul” or words to that effect. So Mary knew she had been chosen by God to be the mother of God’s Son, humanly speaking, but she never claimed any special privileges or anything else for herself. She was humble, and willing to do what God wanted. O that we could find more women with that kind of spirit today!


Some of the early Christian paintings of Mary with Jesus are direct tracings or paint-overs of Pagan Goddesses.

the only 1 hobo

Mary was the mother of Jesus not God , why not read the bible and learn something. God is ,was, and will always be God He didnt have a mother.Mary is human and was chosen to be the mother of Christ . Also can you tell me who disproved the bible because as far as I know it has never been done. If it had been dont yuou think ther would be a big news flash and more


Go to a museum and look for yourself.
As for my belief of Sophia the birthing godess, I can’t even tell you when she began to exist. She has always been the womb of creation.

Drop short and duck

Yes and it all started in India long before Jesus hit the trail from the Essene camp.


Yes, its true. There are actually thousands of such beliefs that have identical characters, mother, son, virgin birth, a horrendous suffering and death.
Thor, Zeus, Mirtha to name just three.
This is why it is more likely than not that Jesus is modeled on Mithra because the gospels all date to the era of Constantine, the last despot Roman emperor who commissioned the bible. And before the plague he was a zealous devout follower of Mithra.
The plague killed 50% of the population but he was a rare survivor. It unfortunately left him completely insane, historically a worse despot than any 10 Hitlers put together.
Practicing Shaman.. quantum physics rocks.

Priestess Jean

Mary is not “based on” earlier beliefs. She was
intended to provide a certain familiarity that would
prove attractive to people who use to worship a
goddess, but she really has very few of the same
sort of qualities, beyond being female.


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