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Is it a bad thing that my tarot cards are alittle too big for my hands?

ive just bought my first deck and i loved the pictures,not only because they are beautiful but i think they have a meaning to me. anyways they are a bit big and hard to shuffle, is that a bad thing? i havent had them for long, about 4 days.


  • No not at all. I use the Voyager Tarot which is rather large. I shuffle the cards length wise. You get use to it after practice.

    Good Luck.

  • Is it bad that you are a little to big to be playing with tarot cards?

    please post this where people care about mysticism and lollypop gumdrop trees.

  • most tarot cards are over sized and I have the same problem. My hands are small. There shouldn’t be any problem with that as long and your energy charges them.

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