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Is it a bad idea to go to a yoga class when you are very stressed and angry?

I have been very stressed recently and want to try a yoga class for relief. However I have been told that you should not go to a class when you very upset and agitated/grumpy, as you won’t be able to do it properly. Is this true?


  1. I’m not to sure… but I have been told that joya helps you clear your mind and maybe that could help you with the stress… try it for yourself and don’t just go by what people say… you never know it can work for you better than in other people.

  2. I go to yoga for those very reasons. It calms me and helps to work through those feelings. It does help to relieve stress and stretch you out and get you into a better mood and calm you down. You must put yourself into the mood and let yourself go.

  3. It depends on which type of yoga.
    Some are very slow and relaxing, other forms are high energy in a VERY hot room. You may want to try the slow, stretching, relaxing type if you are stressed and angry, to concentrate on your breathing to calm you down .. or … then again, you may want to work out your frustrations with something very intense and physical!
    Good Luck to you and .. try some deep breathing to reduce your stress. 🙂

  4. I’ve never been to a yoga class, but I would think that you would probably get the maximum benefit from it! God bless!

  5. Go by all means…yoga will calm you and make you feel centered and better. I love yoga….I practice it every morning. Gets me ready for the day.

  6. Yes, Yes it is you may pop off your leg when you try to do a fancy move then you’ll never be able to do yoga ever AGAIN!

  7. Bikram Yoga is great for that.
    For an hour and a half in a nice hot room you will be totally focused on just doing it and surviving the class then your anger will just melt away.


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