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Is it 100% impossible that there could exist a higher form of consciousness than the human race?

And if it could possibly exist, then at what level would it end?
In other words, if a higher form of conscious being than a human could exist, how could we determine what the ultimate height of that consciousness could be?
In our seemingly unparalleled arrogance, we as human beings, and especially the atheists seem to think that out of literally countless galaxies contained in the absolute gargantuan monstrosity that is this very universe we were born into, that not only are we the only beings that could possess this amazing thing called consciousness, but they also apparently feel that we are the absolute summum bonum of the very possibility of the concept itself.
Personally I disagree.
I think that the likelihood that the universe is inhabited by untold multitudes of conscious beings of a nature both higher and lower than ours is not only probable, but factual, and it is time that we get used to the idea.
On top of this, the very fact that there must be higher conscious beings than ourselves, opens the literal doorway to what could only end in God Himself, because isn’t that what every religion on earth has deemed Him to be – the highest possible form of consciousness?
There is a particular quirk about consciousness, being that apparently, the higher the consciousness, the more power over nature it seems to have.
Hasn’t anyone taken the time to notice this undeniable fact?
So if this is the case, which it most certainly is, then what would prevent the highest conscious being from creating, maintaining and even eventually destroying a universe if he so desired?
Is this not what we are currently witnessing form our small corner of the seemingly unlimited thing called this universe?
Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


  1. Yes, there could be another alien life form that is/are a billion more years advanced than homo sapiens. There is no evidence to support that life exists elsewhere in the universe other than earth, but it’s highly probable that life does exist elsewhere. The odds are in life’s favor.

  2. I think it’s perfectly possible that there are entities with completely alien consciousness or with far higher or very different intelligence to ourselves. We have no direct evidence of any yet but we have plenty of evidence here on earth for different types of mentality, and there are an awful lot of stars out there.
    That doesn’t imply anything one way or the other about “god” though, it’s just a consequence of the trillions upon trillions of worlds out there and the astonishing variety of forms natural selection could adapt to living on them (or among them!).

  3. It’s really not impossible, but if the universe already contained said higher consciousness, it didn’t create the universe.
    I personally think that this universe is not wired for perfection, and consequently even the greatest form of consciousness will never be the greatest possible.

  4. The universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old, and within it there are approximately (conservative estimates):
    -125 billion galaxies
    -_50 thousand billion billion stars
    -125 thousand billion billion planets plus their moons
    All life needs to survive is water & the right amount of star light. Water (H20) is made up of hydrogen & oxygen, the 1st and 3rd most common elements in the universe. And there are 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars approximately.
    If you use the Drake Equation based on the pessimistic basis & figures mentioned, there would be 1.25 trillion planets or moons, where life has currently evolved to at least the same level as ours. But only 9 of these would be in our galaxy the Milky Way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlikCebQSlY
    Our nearest star Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years or 24.6 trillion miles away. Chances are the 9 planets/moons where life has a evolved to at least the same level as ours, are not close to us is astronomical terms. But spread evenly across our galaxy, which is 100,000 light years in diamitre (587 million billion miles).
    The Space Shuttle travels at 17,500mph in space, so to travel a quarter of the way across our galaxy in it would take 3,800,000,000 years.
    Even if an alien species has advanced to such a stage that it had achieved the ability to travel at light speed (which we can barely dream of), it would still take them:
    – Over 4 years to travel to us from our nearest star Proxima Centauri
    – Over 25 thousand years to travel just a quarter the distance of our galaxay
    – Over 2.5 million years to travel to us from Andromeda the nearest galaxy to ours
    It is inconceviable that:
    – Aliens do not exist
    – Aliens are not abudent in the universe
    – Aliens have not far surpassed us in terms of evolution and technology
    But it is unlikey we will ever meet anything other than very primitive aliens (ie bateria), because the distances between us an advanced aliens, are just too great. Even if they can travel at the speed of light (670,000,000mph).
    Video: Why is the speed of light the limit?:

  5. Intelligence is only valuable to humans, since we need it to survive in cities, our natural habitat
    If you were a bat, the only mammal that can fly, you would think wings are the most important thing ever and that flying was the meaning of your existence, and anything that was able to fly better was by definiton more superior. Then you would extrapolate that into a concept of something that can -always fly perfectly-, and name it “god”, the absolute top of the pyramid
    see where I’m going with this?
    ego centrism from the get go

  6. My first response is to laugh, not at the question or the plausibility, but at the concept and what kind of reaction it might draw.
    Over the years, many SF writers have postulated this very concept, but because of one factor or another, they have difficulty pulling off the story. Within the realms of science, I do not believe that such a concept goes unnoticed, but because science is concerned about the physical aspects of the universe and not the meta (larger) physical, you don’t find papers published dealing with it.
    From a purely philosophical aspect, the argument is certainly worth considering. Projects like SETI actually look for evidence of other forms of life, some of which may have a greater consciousness (certainly an advanced science). Even Carl Sagan’s Contact proposes such an idea.
    So, to answer your question (posed in a negative manner), no, it is not 100 percent impossible that such a life force could exist. It is, as you have written, highly probable.

  7. Of course its possible. But I won’t believe it until I see evidence for it.
    The truth is, I DON’T KNOW whats out there. But the reasoning is, if you make an affirmative claim about something, come back with proof. For all you know its not 100% impossible for life NOT to exist outside either. This really gets us nowhere if we are sitting here arguing without proof. I think people should, by default, disbelieve in something until it is proven. Just because we don’t understand something doesn’t mean we should GUESS what is out there.
    When we guess, it is more likely that we are wrong. For example, lets say I am completely uneducated about the origin of tidal waves. I form a hypothesis… tidal waves form because Poisedon, the god of the sea, is angry. Because I don’t know, I only guessed, in my mind, I COULD be correct. However, it is untested and untried. Modern science, the systematic way of establishing empirical fact, has shown that tidal waves are caused by seismic activity in the deep oceans. Well, why did my guess turn out to be wrong? Because I didn’t understand the mechanism for tidal waves, and I only GUESSED. And it turned out my guess was not a fact.
    The take home message is that… guess all you like, but when you present your GUESS as a fact, its not right.
    If God was irrefutably proven to be true, then I would be glad to admit I am wrong. But that is your weakness, you don’t have irrefutable proof. So until you do, I don’t think God exists.

  8. I am absolutely positive that there are higher forms of consciousness than mankind. The Universe is conscious of itself. We are each a part of the Universal Consciousness and we exist from the beginning of time to the end of time. Universal Consciousness, however, does not require any god.
    And your idea of “God Himself”, if you are talking about the Abrahamic god, is totally unlikely to be the highest form of consciousness possible. Too mean, judgmental, and prone to wiping out his work when he realizes he got it wrong. Therefore, much too limited. When mankind invented that one, we did a hell of a sloppy job.

  9. What does being an atheist have to do with believing that life may or may not exist on other planets?
    I am an atheist who believes in evolution and think its very likely life that if life started on Earth, it could start elsewhere.

  10. A higher form of consciousness is in fact quite possible but what does that have to do with a God?
    Atheists explore the possibility of higher forms of life in contrast to the religious community that pursue knowledge of a form of consciousness invented by superstitious ancestors in the stone(d) age!

  11. The great prophet, Douglas Adams, told that mice commissioned the creation of our world and everything in it (including humans), therefore mice are higher beings with a higher conscious than humans. Dolphins are also a higher consciousness, but for a completely different reason.

  12. I haven’t read the whole question, but I do disagree with the opening question. We haven’t fully explored our own planet never mind the universe. The place is too big to totally dismiss the possibility of other life. Look how far we have come in 300 years, just think if we could continue for 2000 years or 20,000. The current estimate of the universe is around 13 billion years old.

  13. No, it’s not 100% impossible.
    However, your diatribe is a form of a common fallacy — you decide something isn’t *impossible,* then because it’s not impossible you assume it’s real and start going on about its attributes.
    Then you go on to make numerous unfounded assumptions without any supporting evidence, and start claiming they’re “undeniable facts.” They’re not, they’re nothing more than your own suppositions without any supporting evidence, based on an unproven premise that itself has no supporting evidence.
    Feel free to speculate all you’d like to. But since there’s no evidence of any “higher consciousness” that exists, remember that your speculations are simply speculations based on an unproven premise. The moment you start claiming they’re “facts” at all, let alone “undeniable facts,” you’re deep in fallacy land.

  14. Indeed, the higher sort of grace, of the higher God.
    Above all law vs law and laws vs grace sides wars.
    No sickness. No enemies. No fear. No insufficiency.
    Not talkin right of law/grace to have some better thing,
    but of all grace, no law, as what is best of three things,
    kinda like charity never fails is 3rd of 3 and also 7th of 7.
    I haven’t been to any doctor since I got higher than high.

  15. i agree that there is most likely other beings of higher and lower conscious than our own in the universe and that the idea of God is that he is the highest possible form of consciousness. But you haven’t really explained why the first would cause the later to exist, since this would involve making a jump from consciousness that exists physically in our universe to one which exists metaphysically as a God outside of this universe.
    So basically my issue with your argument lies in the fact that the highest conscious being which we can imagine, God, is a metaphysical being not an alien living in the physical world. Never the less, you make some interesting points and i enjoyed reading about some of your thoughts.

  16. Your right in your thinking., there is much higher beings than us.
    Lets face it we don’t determine when we are born ed or when we die.
    We can not totally determine what happens in our daily lives,
    we can plan, but there is untold circumstances that happen out of our control
    and we have barley touched the surface.To every person on earth there is two
    billion stars for each of us , and they are ON, the ones we no about.
    So where do we go from here . Credibility, facts , common Sense
    The bible tells us about the heavens < the facts have never being prov en wrong that the bible has claimed, they have tried to speculate it wrong, but never-less never prov en by facts. Credibility , to the up most even after two thousand years every prediction that has happened so far has come true , and the predictions of what to come is lining up, just as it has been written two thousand years ago.If you Truly want to know the truth not the hollywood versions pray to God and wisdom will come to dwell inside and convict you of the truth or live in a fantasy world and let hollywood determine your truth we do live in a age where what ever you believe is truth is truth I say 2 plus 2 equals 4, even if you want to believe it equals 5 Try building a house on that math

  17. “especially the atheists seem to think that out of literally countless galaxies contained in the absolute gargantuan monstrosity that is this very universe we were born into, that not only are we the only beings that could possess this amazing thing called consciousness”? excuse me but no atheist ever said that, we are completely open to the idea that there is intelligent life, you got that completely the wrong way around it is often the theists that believe humans are the universe’s crowning achievement.
    do i believe that there exists a higher form of consciousness? well that is a very ill defined term. and it has heavy quasi mystical connotations. do i believe that on other planets alien life exists whose intelligence and technological level has far exceeded our own, i believe it is highly probable. but i do not think it is somehow magical.
    it is not factual, you cannot possibly claim it is factual and be intellectually honest, there is no direct evidence yet.
    “On top of this, the very fact that there must be higher conscious beings than ourselves” why? what says there has to be? you are trying to define god into existence this is nothing more than a sort of ontological argument.
    i imagine that if we do not blow ourselves up, in the distant future the human race might reach a level of development we could call god like, able to create universes at will etc, but this does not make us gods. and no we are certainly not witnessing that. you have absolutely no evidence merely a bunch of assertions


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