Home Discussion Forum Is is really true that time travel to the past is impossible?

Is is really true that time travel to the past is impossible?

I have read from many sources in which arithmeticians and scientists suggest that time travel to the future is possible, but not to the past. This, they say, is because in the fourth dimension, time, it is only possible to go forward. Is this really a fact, or just unlikely? Is there a chance at all that someday there will be a way to travel to the past?

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  1. Let’s look at the details: To go back a hundred years, you have to first go back a year.
    To go back a year, you have to first go back a day. To go back a day, you have to first go back a second. And if you go back a second, you will be in the same place you were a second ago, so there would be two of you: in the same place at the same time. Difficult situation, eh?

  2. Nothing is impossible. Time travel to the past is possible. Of course it is not scientifically recognized yet as our current science is not advanced enough. As a species we’re still too primitive to understand it fully at this stage in evolution. Scientists in general still don’t understand that time is not linear. It appears that way to undeveloped primitive minds, but this is just an illusion, like space & motion.
    What most people don’t understand is that time travel is not performed physically. It is something you do with your mind, which is nonphysical. It is the mind that time travels not the physical body, you just have to learn how to temporarily separate the mind from the brain. Not fully separate it though, the link between the two will remain until death of the physical body. The brain is not the real you, it is only a tool for your mind to use to integrate with as to be able to perceive & interact with this physical reality. Currently your mind’s perception is locked into your bio-chemical machine in this physical reality. In order to time travel you have to temporarily alter your perception & free your mind from the confines & limitations of the physical body.
    Anyone can ‘travel’ forwards or backwards in time, remote viewing & astral projection are two ways of doing it. You don’t actually travel in the physical sense though. The way time travel is portrayed in the media is ridiculous. Like in the terminator movies & series. It is completely inaccurate. You can travel into the past but you cannot change the present by doing so. When you time travel you are not in the same time line as you are now. So whatever you do while traveling around in the past has NO effect whatsoever in the present. The future can certainly be changed obviously. It is up to you what you wanna do with it.

  3. u have to understand that scientists are not always right, just because they are brainy people does not mean they know about everything, however, i think that time travel to the past may not be possible. we can travel to the past of another generation by traveling to our future (that would be another generations past) if you know what i mean by that.. but not to the past of our own generation. If you made a time machine rigth now, objects and people would start coming out of it. possibly yourself in the future becuase you have opened the gate to that moment in time so if you made the machine on the 14th dec 09 (today) then you could only travel back to that date because that is when you opened the gate for time travel… on the other hand, people believe that aliens come to look at earth and they may stay, god knows how far away and they may use cracks or holes to leap billions and billions of miles in a second, ther may be holes or cracks in out dimention somewhere that could easily take us 10years, 30years or even 5000years in the past or future. ther is also an idea of aliens being the evolution of humans and they come back to study what they have evolved from. we know that NASA always want to find a planet that could support human life so it is very possible we could have moved ther in the future when technology advances. and yes, i know it MAY be impossible to travel time but i believe anything the human mind thinks can be created otherwise we wouldnt think of it. Hope this helps =) … youtube ” Dolores Cannon ” she has studied this stuff all her life and I know you will find what she says about time travel highly interesting.


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