Home Discussion Forum Is intercourse a viable spiritual experience in your religion?

Is intercourse a viable spiritual experience in your religion?

Like Tantra.?.?


  1. Yes; in Judaism, sex between committed partners is a mitzvah – a good deed, and an important part of keeping mind and body healthy.

  2. Yes. The Flying Spagetti Monster demanded marriage and sex as commitment before the purging begins. (By purging I mean the purging of unbelievers, not the purging of spagetti in my stomach because that would be sinful!)

  3. Ah for every woman on the planet sex is more of a spiritual/emotional thing. That’s why men just don’t get it half the time.. sex for them is purely physical. I don’t have a religion but as a woman I find that sex is always a spiritual experience.

  4. It can be. Energy raised during Tantric sex is some of the strongest that any two (or more, for those into it) people can generate.

  5. It is not only a viable spiritual experience in Asatru, it one of the ways that certain deities (Freyr and Freyja among others)are honored and celebrated.

  6. Absolutely
    It is the closest most spiritual way to become one with your partner. It should be apart of everything spiritual.

  7. any form of sexual expression can be used for sprititual purposes. as beings of the animal planes, it’s practically our duty.


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