Is insecurity/self-consciousness more an indicator of extreme self-absorption, OR extreme awareness of others?

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lol… yahoo messed up that word. Should read, “self-consciousness.” 🙂

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just no confidence in one self and too aware or care too much about other judgement, have no sense of self belief or doesn’t rate one’s own opininon enough. no self absoprtion or awareness, probably lack both big time.


more of self-absorption definitely.

Dino S

Wow … good question!
I think it has to do with personality (genes + environment). It also has to do with someone feeling uncomfortable about being with people (stemming from their personality, probably especially based on past experiences that have been re-enforced). Therefore, I would have to come down on the “extreme awareness” side. Though, I would probably use the term “extreme sensitivity” instead, because I don’t know if they are more aware or just feel that they might not measure up to others expectations.


“awareness of others” is just another form of self-absorption, since what you’re actually aware of is their opinion of you.


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