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Is hypnosis real? Can it really make you change in any significant way?

I’m 24f and have started hypnosis as part of therapy. It’s been super relaxing and comfortable. But I’ve got some deep issues like abuse and depression. I’ve been going for about 2months and I don’t think it’s really changing my life.


  1. Hypnosis is only a way of persuading yourself to change. If you want it to work, it can work. If you’re unsure, it has no affect.

  2. Hypnosis can be a good adjunct with intensive psychotherapy – good for you on your recovery
    Hypnosis can change people – I’ve heard people quit smoking thru hypnosis, and so forth.

  3. Hypnosis is very controversial. Most legitimate therapists and professionals would never recommend such a service because there is no proof of it’s effectiveness (although your hypotherapist I’m sure would tell you otherwise). It is generally assumed that it works as well as if someone were to give you a sugar pill and tell you that it is medicine, sometimes if you truely believe something it going to work, it actually does.

  4. Mesmerization, Hypnotism, brain-washing, brain twisting, all these are mental functions. If the mind is strong, pure, trained, disciplined and under proper control, all these things will not work. It may at times work. That is all. But with a man with steady mind, hypnotism will not work. Hypnotism will work only with those who are weak in mind, or unsteady. There are dehypnotizing techniques availbale.

  5. Hi there,
    You’ve already discovered that hypnosis can be relaxing and a comfortable experience right?
    However unless the hypnotic session is specifically designed and targeted on your deeper issues then there is no reason why they should change.
    You do not say whether this is the case or not.
    If experiences of abuse in the past are still an issue for you now I would recommend visiting a hypnotist who is also an NLP Practitioner- find one who has already worked with clients in your position. There are some very successful interventions that can help you.
    As for depression, hypnosis and NLP can definitely help change behaviours such as negative self talk, reliving bad experiences etc.
    However, when I work with people with depression I find it very important to set goals and tasks for each week. You have to be active in moving forward. This website has some very useful information and a free course to help you
    Finally, Hypnosis isn’t going to change your life. You have to do that for yourself. It can help you learn new things and feel differently but until you take responsibility for your own life and start doing something about it, guess what? If you keep doing what your doing, you’ll keep getting what your getting.
    All the best on your journey to more happiness.


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