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Is human love beyond your control because it's the force of God's evolution to maintain His consciousness?


  1. Human love is mostly connected to a persons true character. carring for someone takes alot of effort and strength and alot of people now days arent capable of true love hence the marrige fail rate. too many people are too concerned about therebown well being to honestly love another. its a sad thing to admit but true love is only sharred by people who arent selfless. good luck finding anyone like that in our generation, or atleast mine. i beleive human to human love has nothing to do with god nor evolution.

  2. While I find your question to be just a meaningless jumble of words, I feel strangely compelled to answer. You may be the first to coin the phrase “God’s evolution”. Most people don’t mix God and evolution together. You see, evolution is a process that happens to earthly forms. God is ethereal, and if he in fact exists, is not subject to evolution. I just don’t picture God as a lower life form without the flowing white robes, long gray beard and sleigh made of shimmering clouds.
    Also, if God does exists, setting aside his evolution for the moment, he doesn’t need us to maintain his consciousness. He is probably a fully conscious, self-actualized dude in spite of us.
    Finally, human love is actually within my control. I totally think I could love Megan Fox, but chose not to. I will set my sights on more attainable goals. Perhaps human love is beyond your control because you waste to much cognitive power on concepts that have no real meaning, like God’s evolution to maintain his consciousness.
    Back to the drawing board.

  3. Me thinks that “Human love” is an oxymoron. Love leads to god and fear leads to humanity/flesh
    YOU are a walking contradiction. Your left brain wants one thing and the right brain wants another. YOU can choose to love or choose to fear. YOU have the choice.
    Life is a pretty cool thing huh?

  4. Human love? I tend to think that love can be self centered anyway. After all, isn’t love usually the feeling that others make us have. We chase that emotion because it is an opiate.


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