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Is Harry Potter in anyway rellated to Witchcraft? My son is 5 and wants to start waching the movies?

We live in a small house and we have some apples trees. The driveway.


  1. Harry Potter is fiction. It isn’t real. It isn’t going to make anyone become a witch or wizard. Which are also not real (I’m not referring to Wiccans here). But 5 may be too young for the films.
    And what about your apple tree and driveway?

  2. Haha no. It’s all fiction. It’s not real. It’s a genre of fantasy, so the author has to include fantastical elements from her imagination and the fantasy genre. It certainly doesn’t teach kids to do witchcraft or anything.
    It’ll be fine to allow your son to watch it. There’s nothing to worry about it the films besides the fact that it might become too scary or sophicated for a five year old. The latter movies get darker, so just watch it with your son in case he gets nightmares or is afraid of some scenes/.

  3. Um, yes. He goes off to Hogwarts School of WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY!!! The more recent movies would scare a five year old. But the first and second movies should be fine for him. What about your apple trees? Anyway what would it matter if there’s witchcraft? The is 2009- it’s all about magic! AND what is this, the middle ages!

  4. Harry Potter is in no way, shape, or form related to real witchcraft.
    If you really want to do your son a favor get him into the world of reading and buy him the books.
    The only negative criticism has come from the extremely radical religious evangelical right where they continue to burn books rather then reading them.

  5. The story of Harry Potter is heavily anchored in spells and magic. It also champions faith and friendship, loyalty, courage, and character in the story lines. Every child dreams of magic. The trappings of the story just grabs their attention so they take in the morals along with the magic.
    If you feel that depicting magic and witchcraft, is wrong even in fiction and fantasy, then the Harry Potter series is not for you or your child. I also agree with another poster that five years old may be a little young for some of the twists and turns of the plots.
    Myself, I was raised on Grimm’s fairytales. Talk about frightening! I have yet to cast a spell on anyone, though, because of it.

  6. Harry Potter is about doing the right thing. It is about the struggle a boy faces without caring parents at home. He finds himself enrolled at Hogwarts – the school for wizards and witches. He finds people that care about him there and also finds choices when choosing his friends. He chooses to stay friends with people he genuinely liked rather than friends that could help his popularity.
    His finds that he is famous before he knows it and faces the struggles that come with that admirably. I believe the book is more about stepping up and doing the right thing.
    The third and fourth movies start to get a little dark so you might want to hold back on those until the children are older. They still keep to the same message – stepping up and doing the right thing. Fighting the good fight.

  7. Harry Potter is a FICTION BOOK about witches and wizards. Just like ET or Darth Vader or Frodo. Its a book and a movie. It is not real.

  8. Have you ever watched tv??? If you have I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for it…and should know it DOES have Witchcraft in it. But that shouldn’t have any bearing on if you want your kid watching it or not. It’s Fiction. A STORY!! In other words…Not Real!!

  9. i would wait till he is a bit older because they are some what frightening,as for the witchcraft thing ..purely fiction in harry potter.witchcraft just doesn’t work by a few simple Latin words and poof you have a hole in your wall,so if your kid becomes a fan and starts saying those words don’t freak out or anything because hes not conjuring demons or anything 😛


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