Is Harry Potter evil? And encourages witchcraft and dabbling with the occult arts?

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I myself am a practitioner of satanism due to Harry Potters “escapades”. It has corrupted my soul causing me to sacrifice many innocent animals on the altar of Baal. Is this unhealthy?

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Welcome to the zoo. Please don’t feed the troll.


depends….if u watch it like its just a movie probably not
if u watch it 24/7 and do exactly as they do ….what isnt evil lol


Aww, no princess.
And Harry Plopper has nothing to do with actual Wicca or Satanism as you must know.

Erica S

That sounds unhealthy to me.

Miguel K

Sacrifice any animal except babby, lest you incur the ire of the FSM.


Careful. Harry can hear you.

Hun-Ahau, El Tecolote

Er, well, hate to tell you, but a Satanist: a) wouldn’t kill anything, and b) wouldn’t worship Baal. Besides, Harry Potter’s a fantasy story.

General MacArthur

Wicca is one of the fasted growing religion there is, And movies like Harry Potter are not helping that unhealthy movement . Yes to both of your questions.
As you were soldier
God bless

Bella Cullen <3

absolutely. I started reading them when I was very young and now look at me!

Jack (Race doesn't exist)



I to feel this way. But not about harry potter, it’s that damn twilight… it’s turned me into a vampire I think! Or maybe a werewolf… all I know is the night time just feels so good now.


Nonsense. It’s only a fictional story. If one believes that, then they have to stop reading all manner of fiction and fairy tales.


u just need to get

Half God Half Ape

I watched Star Wars when I was seven, and now I’m a Jedi.

Pirate AMâ„¢

I have to confess, I have been drinking gallons of pumpkin juice and waving my wand trying to get a feather to levitate. Sadly, all I end up with is rum and a yellow rat.

Allie Q

Would you like a goat?


OMG you are a nut. I have read the books, i’m 27 years old. It didn’t make me want to go fashion my latest wand out of a certain type of tree, nor stop my way of religious thinking. Yeah i’d say ur a troll!


Happy Potter is a fantasy/stories/FICTION… How can something that is make-believe be evil? Killing innocent animals as a sacrifice is insane not unhealthy!

Ben-Hur Ova

It was flying rubber, and the professor called it Flubber. For the first time, he hadn’t made anything out of coconuts!

Patrick C

Type this into youtube, it will hep you. What Lies In Plain Sight 1 of 7 copy and paste that into youtube. Also, Disney is evil. Would u believe it? And bugs bunny. The vid I told u about takes an in-depth look at the music industry. As for Harry Potter, possibly another source of deception. Dont watch tv, in short.

Agnostic Front

Really, that’s weird. Shouldn’t you be trying to jump on a train between 2 terminals and getting dusted by a train in the process? perhaps jumping off a building with your wand so you can poof yourself back to the top without dying? I’ve never heard satan, baal or saw any good characters in the movie killing animals for fun. Harry potter hardcores are nerds just like Star Trek hardcores. Sorry. You’re just a nerd.


I love Harry Potter. You I dont know about


Harry potter isn’t evil, but if you are to take a fictional character/story to the degree where you are now a satanist then it hasn’t been a good thing.
I think you could say that a lot of films are bad if it influences them to do bad things, i.e things like bad boys could influence you to do drugs. so I think it depends on what you take a film to mean.
Is this unhealthy? well I believe it is, but you need to decide that for yourself, is what your doing you any good? is it harming you? You have said yourself it has corrupted your soul so probably not good.
Please think about it very carefully.
God Bless

Danse Macabre

Well Harry Potter doesn’t advocate the eating of your own children, unlike another well known book….
So no, Harry isnt evil.
I’d put the sacrificing small animals down to a chemical imbalance in your brain. They have pill for that these days.

Amie (:

Dude, i strongly advise getting away from HP entirely. I am a christian, but meddled in HP, thus resulting myself wanting to experiment more with the occult. It gave me a taste, knowing it was taboo made it even more thrilling. But what i did not know, is that i was ‘spiritually’ harming myself. i am not knocking HP, because my nieces all watch the films & read the books, and they’re quite normal. Then there are some who take a negative effect to them. My advice is if something like HP is causing you to act in a different manner, stop it altogether. It only becomes a problem when you allow it to take over your life. Heres a thought. go to church & get some prayer ha. No i do not judge, even though it is so hard not too sometimes. I really feel for you though, and i hope you overcome this obstacle.

Ala l

I do not consider Harry Potter “evil”. It’s not like he came out of the book and made you do all that stuff. It was your decision. Oh, and killing animals is not unhealthy…it’s murder. It doesn’t matter that they’re not people, they’re still living things.
Please, I beg of you, get some help.

**Just my OPINION**

Yes, that sounds unhealthy, but I am a healthy Potter addict.


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