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Is gravity Magick–though some defy it with their magic, and others with technology?


  1. I believe there is no difference between magic and science, no need to spell it with a k either. One is simply an undiscovered or a component of the other, if gravitons are science then they are as much magic.
    The only thing that matters is, what can it do? There is no need to seperate the two, there is simply no point either. Science is the way of shaping our environment to achieve a desired goal, is magic not the same thing?
    This is my opinion, it’s not a bad idea, no need to thumbsdown me “author” since you did ask for opinions didn’t you?

  2. I consider it a form of magic, but some don’t. It’s just something people take for granted, until they try and defy it! Newton called it a Natural Law, right? I believe that gravity is like the invisible force that holds the Universe together; sometimes called Manna, Prana, Chi, or Ashe’ and a host of other names that aren’t accessible by my brain at the moment.
    We have a saying: “The Goddess loves you so much that she holds you to her to keep you grounded and safe. Just try to get away…you can’t!” (or if you do, it’s not for very long, I think the longest airflight path is a little over 14 hours, right?)

  3. gravity is a force of nature, just like combustion or atomic reactions etc. those also are defied or manipulated by magick and/or by science.
    my understanding is that one aspect of magick is the manipulation of forces of nature through the implementation of will power.


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