Home Discussion Forum Is god the original necromancer?

Is god the original necromancer?

Bringing back an army of the dead and all?


  1. Surely the new atheists will unify all the Christian denominations and destroy the opposition
    We just need a common enemy that is earthly!
    It is an army of alive. Sagan is still worm food.

  2. Naw.
    I think hes more an alchemist or summoner. He created humans from dirt. Like any good alch or summoner he can bring his creations back to life if they die.
    In other words, he doesn’t need dead stuff to work with, which a necromancer would. And necromancers usually can’t create sentient things.

  3. No, but he will be when he actually does that. But Jesus was the first Voodoo priest when he made himself a zombie Lazarus. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very good Voodoo priest because it backfired on him later when he accidentally turned himself into a zombie, apparently with a taste for human flesh, which would explain the “this is my blood” and “this is my flesh” creepiness.

  4. Bringing back?
    From where?
    There is Eternal Consciousness, we all belong to that.
    Here almost nobody knows about that.
    Those God tales are just made for kids.
    Who know NOTHING.


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