Is GOD the energy that created everything in the universe?

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From physics research it has come to light that all matter is actually condensed energy. The Big Bang Event caused an energy to matter conversion which formed the first rudimentary matter from which all other matter has formed through various physical processes, i.e., inside of stars new elements formed. In my opinion, GOD is the fundamental energy which created all matter in the universe.

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Tell me where it says that in any of the ancient texts describing him. Reminds me of a question dreamstuff once asked.
“where in psalms does it say god rides on cherubs and breathes fire from his nostrils?”

Maurog II

Sure thing.
Just don’t try to convince me that primordial energy cares what people eat or wear or sleep with.


And where did this fundamental energy come from?

Smiling JW

Not quite, God used his abundant dynamic energy to create the Universe it is his holy spirit or in other words his active force.

上杉 謙信 越後の龍

Way too much conjecture, not enough fact.


God’s holy spirit or active force created all thing.
The word “spirit” is used in the Bible in another sense. Addressing God in prayer, the psalmist said: “If you send forth your spirit, they are created.” (Psalm 104:30) This spirit is not God himself but a force that God sends forth, or uses, to accomplish whatever he wishes. By means of it, God created the physical heavens, the earth, and all living things. (Genesis 1:2; Psalm 33:6) His spirit is called holy spirit. God used his holy spirit to inspire the men who wrote the Bible. (2 Peter 1:20, 21) Hence, the holy spirit is the invisible active force that God uses to fulfill his purposes.

Terry W

If you say that God = Big Bang then that is all you can say. It means that all religions with a god at its head are ‘right’. It also means that all the rules including the 10 commandments etc. are also invalid.


“Is GOD the energy that created everything in the universe?”
If you’re referring to the megalomaniacal, tyrannical, bipolar, genocidal, infanticidal, vindictive, wrathful, petty, jealous, anthropomorphic god of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims, then the answer is NO. Such an absurdly imagined deity is NOT possible.
“In my opinion, GOD is the fundamental energy which created all matter in the universe.” If that’s how you compensate for a lazy intellect, then so be it.

Valles Marineris(Owl Overlord)

If god is energy why not just call it like it is…Nature.


In my opinion, God is the Universe. Not some divine tangible being, but something ‘other’. The stuff that’s in us all, that permeates through everything, the connections between all things (this is why I love string theory … lol).
Edit: Valles: You call it nature, I call it God … it’s semantics.


You think it’s god because you need someone to have invented ‘all of this’. I think you need to do a bit more research then come back to us, ok?


No. God is separate from the Universe.


You are mixing the physical realm with the Spiritual one. Spirit is infinite and eternal.


God spoke everything into existence.He said Let There Be.Everything we do is by communication also.Language is a code and so is DNA.


You’re certainly welcome to your opinion.
However, as any “god” is defined by humans, there’s no evidence that any “god” had anything to do with any part of the formation of the universe. As you said, it’s all energy and matter. You can call that energy “god” if you want to, but it’s still just energy — no intelligence, no “will,” no purpose, no direction…just energy. If you want to call it “god” go right ahead…but what purpose does it serve to call something that’s all natural and has no intelligence “god?”


GOD just doesn’t reveal Himself to doubters such as many of these question answerers.
Why should He?
Am I bound to disclose information about myself to someone who doubts me yet demands it though they are not any kind of authority?
Don’t think so.

Darth Eugene Vader

God is more than just energy, or fundamental energy.
He is not part of the creation: energy, matter, space, life, etc.

Keeley Boyce

Knowledge is condensed energy. So that energy was knowledgeable. I teach anatomy and am blown away by this incredible machine God created.


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