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Is God really there or is it a fairytale?

I am unsure about there being a deity although I have always believed in ghosts as a few of my family are mildly telepathic (for all you hardcore atheists, no I am not joking).
I was thinking today well if telepathy is real (which I believe it is as I sense what my mom is thinking a lot of the time), then could God be real aswell?


  1. Neither God nor telepathy should be considered real until they have proof…or at least a little evidence.
    As it stands neither have any evidence, so logically we must treat them as if they do not exist.

  2. It’s hard to tell because most people that believe in God also believe in a lot of mythology.
    If there’s something like God he is hidden behind the illusion of what the world seems to be.
    Quantum mechanics lets us know the veil of illusion is there but not what’s behind it.
    Whatever is behind it bears no resemblance to any God humans have invented, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing there.
    When presented with a believe or be damned argument I’ll always choose damnation because I’ll be damned if religion inspired perception is correct, even if religion can give us some clues if one doesn’t allow themselves to be poisoned by it.
    Take your experience for example, you know what you’ve experienced, if you joined some church they might try to convince you that your experience was demonic, you know it isn’t.
    We don’t have concepts to explain experiences like yours, which doesn’t make it any less real.

  3. The presence of God is perfectly knowable. It’s very well within our natural powers. We can be aware of GOD’s presence, using our merely human natural powers of knowing and understanding. In fact, lately I’ve been telling my fellow believers, it’s not really enough that we feel or believe – even how very strongly – that GOD is present. We’ve got to know. It’s not a matter of mere belief. It’s a matter of knowledge. What’s happening in the world these days is that what people should naturally know and understand they don’t, anymore. They’re very far from being fully aware – of themselves, and surrounding reality. They don’t anymore know and understand GOD’s presence.

  4. If you read the bible it states that once you die you don’t come back as a ghost and if you do see such things that they are demons who are their to deceive you/us. I don’t believe in telepathy, what i do believe that is, is the power of our guardian angels trying to guide our paths the right way. it also states that we all have guardian angels, but they can’t interfere with our decisions, only try to guide us and it is because god gave us the freedom of choice that we decide which path we’ll follow.

  5. Ghosts aren’t real neither is god
    try to pray…nothing
    swear to god on your life…nothing
    Think about science
    your family has no telepathy its impossible
    Be smart …
    im not an aithiest btw im a naturalist…only 11
    your to gullable

  6. I do believe there not only is a God but a lot of proof of him too. Go to drdino.com and watch his seminars. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in what some people say happens to them when the “see” or “sense” ghosts, because I believe in demons scaring people to death to try to scare them into believing in ghosts rather than god. Because They will do anything to keep people from going to heaven and being saved. My dad once saw a demon possessed girl have an extremely deep voice and throw a very large man across a room. You may say that’s a lie but my dad is not one to lie. telepathy I doubt is real and I am in no position to believe it, neither do I believe that it can co-exist with god, in my opinion.


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