Home Discussion Forum Is global warming a new age spiritual crisis?

Is global warming a new age spiritual crisis?

From Al Gore’s “Earth in the Balance” book
“The need for personal equilibrium can be described in a simpler way. The more deeply I search for the roots of the global environmental crisis, the more I am convinced that it is an outer manifestation of an inner crisis…spiritual…the search for truths about this ungodly crisis is the search for truths about myself… (pp. 10-11)”
Do you agree?


  1. I find it interesting how the Warmists alternately love and loathe Big Al Gore, depending on the context of the question.
    And yet they poke fun at us for inconsistencies…
    But yes, that seems to lay a foundation for a New Age religion, rooted in Christian supremacy.

  2. Well it is historical fact that Big Al flunked out of a religious school by failing 5 out of 6 courses. This is about normal for left wing environmental evangelists is it not. So this is his credentials for being a liberal prophet of the coming disaster of environmentalism and what has made him filthy rich in the new evangelical environmental global warming religion which has about as much factual basis for their silly theology as other churches do. AGW is just another left wing silly fundamentalist religion and this is how its priests and prophets can use such distorted logic with no factual basis to run the largest fundamentalist religious con in the worlds history that will probably kill millions more people than previous sill fundamentalist religions have in the past.

  3. In at least one sense, leaving out the “New Age” stuff. Forget Gore,this large group of Christian leaders has it right.
    “Now is the time for followers of Christ to help solve the global warming crisis. There is overwhelming evidence that human activity is a major cause, and we know that the impacts of climate change would be hardest on the poor and vulnerable, and on future generations. · We need to act, and everyone has a role. Christian leaders can join more than 280 other senior evangelical leaders who have signed the Evangelical Call to Action on Climate Change. As Christian citizens we can learn more, make personal changes, and rally action. For policymakers, it’s time to make wise and moral choices to protect God’s world and its people.”

  4. Definitely the New Age movement is part of the environmental movement. I would not say that the environmental movement is new age, but that 9 times out of 10 if someone is new age they have strong ties to the environmental movement. Same goes for communism and socialism. The environmental movement lines up with how they view things so in turn they are a part of it. The problem is the environmental movement does not try to separatee themselves from the views of these groups and therefore the lines between them have become blurred somewhat. This has worked to the disadvantage of the environmental movement. It would be like if a group with slight raccial overtones said they were christian. The cristian church would say they have nothing to do with that group. Not just ignore them or pretend they don’t have the views they do, which is the route the environmental groups have chosen.
    Then the environmental groups complain that the things they stand for are twisted around and misunderstood. Well that is the price they pay I guess. They are in bad need of a really good PR person.


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