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Is Global Warming a natural process of the Earth?

They have known about it for generations. Why wait this long to do something about it? Why do we still use oil and fuel and non renewable energy sources? Why are solar electricity and green products so expensive? Why hasn’t there been an attidunial change before this?
What will happen by 2020 or 2050 in relation to the Earth?


  1. yes it’s a natural process, we have been warming since the little ice age of the 1400s, during the 1500s it was warmer than it is now. but the real ice age/warming cycles are thousands of years apart.

  2. of course it is. we are at the end of an ice age. eventually the ice age WILL end. by definition, that will be when the ice sheets melt. it’s happened before and it will happen again. we, as a species will adapt or die off. what should we do? migrate away from the coastlines and plan for warmer temperatures and more humidity.

  3. The sun is actually getting hotter, though you may say,wheres the proof…then why is Mars polar ice caps melting, unless aliens are polluting their atmosphere

  4. it depends what you mean by natural, earth goes through cold and warm spells but currently humans are causing increased warming because of the emission of greenhouse gasses.
    we have not known about Global Warming for very long during the 60s global temperatures were falling as a result of global cooling (which was caused by sulphide emissions) and this largely masked the effect of the enhanced greenhouse effect. when sulfur emissions were cut the sunshade effect stopped so that the effect of the enhanced greenhouse effect could be observed.
    we are still using fossil fuels because they are cheap and easy to use and currently renewable power is in its infantry and so is very costly and inefficient.
    if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse emissions we can expect a temperature increase of between 2 and 6 degrees Centigrade by 2050 which would cause mass famine, the loss of productive farmland and floods in monsoonal areas.

  5. global warming is a natural process of the Earth. when animals and humans respire we emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere however, this natural action is offset by carbon-fixating processes such as photosynthesis by plants. the resipiration of animals and photosynthesis of plants create a dynamic equilibrium where there are periods that the planet will get warmer and periods were there would be a slight drop in temperature but in the longrun, the temperature is fairly stable and constant. anthropogenic disturbances, in other words disturbances caused by humans, disrupt the dynamic equilibrium created by nature. humans are adding to the earth far too many pollutants than nature can handle.
    climate change was something that was discovered only recently. advancements in technology allowed for accurately tracking patterns of temperature. furthermore, there is something called the “lag phase” where the anthropogenic disturbances do not take a noticeable toll on the environment until the lag phase has passed. so, the global warming we are seeing is arguably the effects from the Industrial Revolution. and we all know that emissions have only gone up since the Industrial Revolution therefore, the effects of climate change is only going to amplify in effect.
    I really hope that people understand the pressing issue of climate change and will act on it.
    tell your local politician that you are extremely concerned about this issue and you expect them to act on it immediately. threaten to not vote for them come the next election and hopefully their pragmatism would cause them to actually do something concrete!

  6. Janina, really you have too many questions. Many an environ scientists are scratching their heads for the same reasons.
    It looks you are looking out for some expert suggestions on your questions.
    What all you will get here would be simple.
    Global Warming has been on the increase only for the past few decades to be precise. Natural causes adds to that.
    It has taken so long to create a little awareness. This problem is more to do with awareness and a country’s economy. So governments kept mum, big corporates did not care a bit, public were more of a mute onlookers. We can’t walk without leather shoes or footwears, can’t go out without leather belts, can’t live without computer monitors, can’t live without pharma companies and so on.
    Because, we have tied our life to money. Therefore, oil and non-renewable energy is still the heartbeat of the matter.
    Manufacturing cost of Solar and green products are more. Risks are high. No proper support from government agencies. They still are less efficient. Some of them need large dedicated areas to supply power for a small town. Wind is not available at all places equally on earth with enough speed to generate power.
    Lack of awareness, and lack of will power is the main reason behind lack of attitude.
    Going by present standards 2020 or 2050 would be more pathetic.

  7. yes and no because we contribute to it as well by means of pollution. we are doing something about it like saving electricity, using public transportations, etc. maybe you are not doing something and others who ask that. solar electricity and green products are expensive because it is hard to make a thing out of trash, that’s what i know. no changes are made now because all alternatives we know are expensive. it will be better if we change if there is a cheap alternative for those. if global warming will continue, we will be doomed.

    • Are all the alternatives expensive? Have we realy tried or is this another falsificatoion?
      What happened to zero point energy, radiant energy, self powered magnetic generators (they are being produced) water powered cars also produced a BMW model has been made $133,000 price tag. However, coal, nuclear and some hydro are still in use , New green energy like wind turbine generators and Solar power catching up but we are charged more for Solar power?
      Green Energy why the sun and sunlight are free sources of power. They are now using peoples roofs for free and charging people extra? If the power companies had to spend millions for large land areas for the solar panels I could understand the extra costs. We are offered basic panels with an Government Incentive of $2,500.00 but most house holds get 4 to 5 kilowatt systems at an extra $10,000 to $15,000 price tag. If you work during the day you hardly get to use the generated power. It goes back into the grid and the Power companies charge businesses and other uses for it without offering the people rent for their roof space and a nominal discount for power.
      Look up Thomas Henry Maray and ask why?

  8. Yes it’s a natural cycle, but some people believe we are warming up faster this time than it’s warmed up or even cooled off in the past. I question that, because none of them were around way back then to witness the changes first hand. There also weren’t satellites back then taking infrared pictures showing the heat signature of the planet.
    Our planet has gone through many changes and will continue to change, not only it’s climate, but the configuration of the land we live on. Rivers carve out canyons, Volcanoes and Earth Quakes can cause land to rise or fall.
    Hawaii is a prime example where volcanoes are creating new land.

  9. We can ignore the facts but I feel that there are cooling effects in place and the data and science for global warming is and political one based on a particular agenda.
    The concept of the warming rising by over 2 and up to 6 degrees? Permanently? Not likely as far as I am concerned it is based on false science. Forcing Scientists to agree on the issue??
    Draconian and fascist or communist methods of enforcing what some push as reality.
    When my Teenage son top ( 2% of the States Science test ) was asked if he believed in Global warming he stated neither cooling nor warming just normal patterns.
    If there is an increase of 0.6 Degree in my life time it will be better than if there is an decrease as long as the scales do not go beyond 2 degrees either way for an extended period.
    Either way GMO crops will start to fail under drastic climate changes more than the original natural crops.
    However, we have only a few original hardy crops in use Globally as the UN and the companies that have genetically altered crops for food production have not allowed for drastic changes in the climate and weather conditions when they created the super seeds.
    Kryptonite concept. I wonder if it was not selfish greed in a race to control world grain production?
    The financial strain some of the carbon tax and the implementation of some of the proposals will be too expensive for the average family. Running into billions and trillions of dollars, with very little to show for the efforts?
    Therefore. Not feasible. Would you Insure your car that is worth $1,000.00 and pay $10,000.00 yearly premium just in case some one steals it? Or just in case you have an accident?
    This would make you feel safe and at the end of the year you would say “Damn my car was not stolen and I did not have an accident yet my premium is up for renewal again and the price has gone up to $12,000.00 while my cars value is $800.00.
    Stupid economics?
    This is what the Politicians are doing with the Carbon Tax and Global warming.
    Billions of dollars for small or next to non results apart from destroying families, creating more poor and filling the pockets of the extremely rich and Governments with the Carbon Tax money based on un-proven and falsified science where Scientists are being forced into complying with the current model.
    I agree with Lord Christopher Monckton on this issue.
    Agenda 21.
    Artic ice shrinks while Antartic ice grows!
    HAARP? Could we use devices like The Hight Altitude Auroral Research Project to modify the weather?
    Nikola Tesla claimed some 100 years ago he could split the Earth apart with an larger version of his invention that could cause localised earth quakes.
    Conveniently the IPCC so called “Global warming facts” were modified to alter the truth and falsify the real facts. Giving the public their desired figures and statistics.
    Watch this and see the data and the educated debate and arguments he has presented.
    Lord Christopher Monckton ends the Global Warming Debate
    An Inconvenient Truth: The Ice Cap Is Growing
    A report from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado finds that Arctic summer sea ice has increased by 409,000 square miles, or 26 per cent, since 2007. But didn’t we hear from the same Center that the North Pole was set to disappear by now? We all deserve apologies from the global warming fanatics who wanted to reshape the world in their image and called those who objected to their wild theories ignorant deniers. They were so convinced the world was ending and only they could save it, yet now they have been exposed as at best wildly idealistic and at worst frauds. They should have to do public penance for their hubris. I suggest they sit on blocks of melting ice and ponder their limitations. Either that or let the polar bears deal with them.Â
    So are we heading for an ICE AGE?
    Global warming would not cause as much an issue as an ICE AGE would, would it?
    We can still grow food as long as the warming does not cause drastic draughts.
    How will we grow vegetables in an snow covered field?
    Yet I read that the CO2 will greatly increase the warming effect globally.
    CO2 is good for plant growth as it makes plants grow better and they require less water to grow.
    However, how much trouble will we have if a large portion of the globe is covered by ice?
    Some plants would not even grow in green houses if the temperatures are too low. We would have to heat the green houses not to mention that in an ice age we would need to use a lot more energy in particular where homes are not designed for extreme cold temperatures. Transport problems and other related problems could make some countries like Australia very hard to live in.
    The above comments show some of the peoples opinions and I like the ones that state NASA and other statistics and how we had the warmest year in 2010 in recorded history.
    OK so how come I can remember that the summers in Australia were a lot warmer when I was 10 to 16 years old and the winters were not as cold. I am over 50 and I will trust my memory as I was there and not blindly follow the so called Scientific facts and statistics.
    Pull that wool over some young persons eyes, that was born some 20 years ago.


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