Home Discussion Forum Is getting your chakra aligned during pregnancy safe?

Is getting your chakra aligned during pregnancy safe?

I am 14 weeks prengnant and my friend wants me to go to get my chakras aligned. Is it safe to do this during pregnancy? Is there any time during pregnancy when it would not be safe? Any info would be great, couldn’t really find anything online.


  1. Yes.
    If you’re having a normal pregnancy, sex is considered safe during all stages of the pregnancy.

  2. Yes it is, just make sure you go to a trained professional. I would recommend a shiatsu therapist to do it for you. The procedure is a lot more gentle, plus they can move any energy blockages you might have. That will keep your organs healthy, your mind clear, and at the end of the treatment, you will feel great. Keeping your organs healthy, also keeps the baby healthy. Ridding your body of the energy blocks will keep your baby’s energy on course as well.
    best of luck to you!!!!

  3. No offense, but this is one of those things that isn’t real… you could do it every hour of the day and it won’t affect a thing… all the person will do is make strange/creepy faces and run their hands over you in an intense manner, but nothing is actually happening-except you pay them for this “service”…
    I suggest you just read a good book, take a relaxing bath, drink some hot/decaf tea and then get your favorite dinner-that will do way more good than some new age-ish hocus pocus… and will probably cost less! 🙂
    Add: lol Me…

  4. Yes. This would not harm the baby in any way at any point of the pregnancy. Check out sites regarding Shirley McClaine (not sure I spelled that right) she is into that and probably has a reference for more info.


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