Home Discussion Forum Is freemasonry the same as hermeticism?

Is freemasonry the same as hermeticism?

From what I can gather, there seems to be a lot of overlap in their beliefs


  1. It is western mysticism and mystery traditions…of course there is some overlap…but they are not the same.
    ~ Eric Putkonen

  2. No. freemasonry is not a church, a sect or a religion.
    They only require you to be over 18 and able to say you believe in a God of some sort to join.
    Freemasonry is just a fraternal benevolence association.
    You can look it up easy. There is nothing secret about them.

  3. Individual Freemasons have in the past been interested in various things which include hermetics, but no, Freemasonry is not the same as hermeticism.
    Freemasons have nothing to do with Satan or any religion except to encourage a man to render what is justly due to his god (I.e. be a good member of their religion). It is a society dedicated to making good men better, and by limiting discussions of heated subjects, like religion and politics, it encourages tolerance for others that may not believe as you do.

  4. Chris, you stupid, fundy troglodyte, how the hell can you give me proof that the Freemasons worship Satan?
    I’ve been a Freemason since 1980, and I’ve never worshiped Satan. They do ask that you believe in a higher power, but it isn’t enforced, at least not at any of the lodges I’ve been a part of.
    If you only knew, that is, had ANY idea, what the Freemasons have done for the world then you’d feel bad for not thanking every one you’ve ever met.


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