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Is following Native American spirituality such a bad Idea?

The Native Americans had more of an Earth based spirituality and felt that all things were connected. I admire and respect allot of their spiritual beliefs and am compelled to learn and follow a path that is similar to theirs. I am also planning on taking a course in Shamanism. Would you think this be frowned upon by Christians ?
I have Cherokee and Shawnee ancestry but have followed more of a Christian teachings .


  1. I agree. They were definitely more in tune with the Earth. Especially the Hopies. Who cares what the Christians say. They were the ones that rolled westward on trains, stopped, killed every buffalo in sight and rode off for them to rot. Indians utilized and conserved every part of that buffalo.

  2. It’s as pointless as any other form of religion.
    The simple and objective truth is that there is no such thing as magic, regardless of how much people wish there was.

  3. yes, but don’t worry about how others view you or your journey. that connection you feel to nature is there for a reason, and it shows that you are a well-evolved being. I feel that the truth lies in nature, and that is when I feel close to “god”. look into pantheism also.

  4. Probably. Christians aren’t known for their acceptance of other faiths than their own.
    It would also be frowned upon by the First Nations of North American, unless you are one yourself. The last thing they need is another ‘Dances With Wolves’ kinda person misappropriating their culture and beliefs.

  5. With all due respect; we do not seek converts to our “spirituality”. If you did not grow up with and live in the traditions of your people, you are going to have to take your course on shamanism. News is, we don’t have shamans. White people have them. You are going down the new age path.

  6. a course on shamanism? that has nothing to do with native spirituality. that is a new age thing. and our teachings are not public. they are passed on within families. i can tell you right away that most of what is taught in books and self proclaimed shamans is a load of crap. its fine if you want to believe that but at least stop calling it native american. its not and never was.

  7. Claiming Cherokee and Shawnee “ancestry” does not validate your search for “Native American spirituality”…do you realize how many people falsely or erroneously claim “Cherokee ancestry?”
    Tribal beliefs are passed on from your relatives…your family…your tribe….not a course in Shamanism. If you do not have Native ways…and you are not tribal (meaning your family is not AFFILIATED with a tribe or a culture) there is nothing to seek out really. Everything you are going to find out there is new age nonsense.

  8. Its not Native American if even the Native Americans are telling you its not. Of course, we don’t have Shamans, thats a new age thing, its the belief of the hippies, I just wish they would stop calling it Native American, it just offends the real ones.

  9. Spirituality is a connection, and you feel that connection inside yourself. Taking a course on “shamanism” (which is NOT a Native American belief, as already pointed out) might teach you about whatever shamanism is, but it will not give you that connection you want. Waste your money all you want on newage bs, but until you stop looking externally, you won’t find what you are looking for. You cannot buy spirituality, no matter how much you try. And anyone who tells you otherwise, be it your church or some pretend-Indian, is a liar.

  10. What I gather from those posting here who have a first hand understanding of Native American beliefs and tradition is that if someone does not belong to a Native family then there is no way for them to become a part of a faith that has a deep respect for the earth. I personally (Caucasian, Christian raised) am increasingly sickened by the culture of capitalism and greed that has ravaged America. I do not know what to do about this. I want a belief system I can actually stand by and believe in. I think many people are struggling because we have alienated ourselves from love (of people, of the land, of simply being alive). For want of popularity and power we have corrupted and I would like to be something other than corrupt.

  11. The natives seem to be getting restless. You shouldn’t be so offended by someone admiring and want to incorporate your spiritual ways of life. Many paths one destination. No one group Native American or otherwise has any claim to “spirituality” and more than anyone else. Yes there are many time honored traditions from different peoples of different geographies and times. If something calls to you….there’s a spiritual reason…..ask your questions….be still and listen…..the answers will knock you flat. God is for everyone, and is in everyone. Don’t ever doubt your own unique connection to the supreme Godhead.


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