Is Fluoride really good for you?





Is Fluoride really good for you? I’ve read many articles that contradict it. Such as:


  1. fluoride is everywhere. on your water, toothpaste, dentist office and even on your tea! fluoride is just known for its “protective abilities in regard to tooth enamel.” (helps you from decay & cavities) you read it right! too much of a good thing! in this case, can definitely cause a problem! at an early age, while the teeth are forming can cause discoloration and pitting of the teeth, and few people realize that overexposure to fluoride can be a danger to the thyroid and excessive fluoridation can also lead to skeletal fluorosis, a bone disease that can cause permanent hunchback, prohibitively stiff joints, and leg deformation. hope this helps. =)

  2. If you ingest it, no — in fact it’s a deadly poison. However, when diluted to one part in millions, as in public water supply, it drastically reduces tooth decay, starting with your first teeth. Fluoridated drinking water is one of the great (but unappreciated) scientific discoveries of the 20th century. If you live where the drinking water is not fluoridated, you can buy fluoride washes. But the protection from the water starts when a child is still in utero and the mother drinks it.

  3. Fluoride is needed in minute amounts, beyond that it is toxic. My daughter used to get sick every Wednesday after school. I figured out it was the “swish-swash” program of fluoride and had her quit. She didn’t have the problem anymore. There are lots of getting yucky looking teeth from fluoride.

  4. As a child they need a certain amount of fluoride for their developing teeth,without it their teeth are weak. Too much can be bad for you but we all need some

  5. It’s actually not good for you. Too much of it is actually poisonous…which is why you don’t swallow toothpaste with Fluoride.

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