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Is Faith a manifestation / byproduct of the Consciousness or the Spirit?

Thank you for your thoughtful answers.


  1. I believe it comes from the spirit – that is why from the times of the cavemen people have believed there was a divine being. Consciousness can get in the way of spiritual faith, which is why people are turning away from God now – as our education systems improve, we turn more and more away from the spiritual and begin to believe only that which can be observed or proven.

  2. Faith is a real thing people have that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to God, people have faith in the outcome of an event or the occurrence of one, it’s more like a strong sense of wishful thinking than anything else. I do think that people initially came up with the idea of God because there were so many things they couldn’t explain and now they just believe because it seems like the right thing to do.

  3. The simple answer is the spirit.
    But faith weather in God or something else is a willful choice to believe in something/someone becuase the person in their heart wants to believe, but that is by no means saying that faith is without evidence.

  4. A fantastic quandary, and now a solution!
    First you must ask “what is faith?” Faith is a belief without definite proof. For example, “I have faith that Doug can lead us out of these woods, even though he lost his compass.”
    Religious faith, however, is a result of our human incompleteness. There is a part of us missing and we need something to fill that. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol and we all know were that gets us.
    Anyway, we need to fill that void. Once we turn to God (or Allah, or Pete or whatever you call him) our souls go “hello!” We feel something if it’s true for us. Not putting any religion above another here, because it all comes down to whatever gets you closer to that deity-over-there.
    But is this a result of our consciousness? I would say so due to a lovely thing known as quantum physics. Because we are conscious, we perceive. We can’t help it. Through that perception, we can understand what religion tells us and agree and let that become part of us.
    You are the beloved of God,

  5. God has put inside of each person a a measure of faith. It comes from the spirit of God . The more we seek God the more faith we will have. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Love is more important than faith. Faith works by love. God is love. God is the revelation answer to any problem. When we worship God and have time with God our mind is renewed and we are transformed. It is also a choice. There are two choices. Love or hate and faith or fear. It is up to each person what they have faith in: The things that are seen or the thing that are not seen. It is up to the person to ask God’s love to fill them, to live a life in forgiveness each day and how they use their faith. Will they use their faith in humility to call those things that be as not as though they were to hope for something better and to speak God’s promises or will they use their faith and words to repeat the problems,expect the worst, cry and complain.

  6. I’m not sure it is possible to differentiate between the spirit and the consciousness that fosters that spirit.
    When questions of faith come up, I’m always reminded of Anne Frank. She wrote that she believed, in spite of everything, that people were still basically good. That was faith in mankind when there was abundant evidence that mankind has lost its collective senses. Still, she had those helpers who made it possible for her and for her family to survive in the attic, and she latched onto that warm little fact to support her world view.
    I’ve met a few who believed that people were no good. I think that the pessimism grew mostly from a view that they personally didn’t feel good about their own place in the world. One was an angry and abusive old man who died alone. Another was basically narcissistic, and while he seemed happy on the outside, he was in constant need of reassurance and praise from others. In his darker moments, he would strike out at others. With insight gained from being on the the receiving end of some of those outbursts, I really think he had an injured spirit. I had students who believed that “everyone cheats” so it made no difference if they personally cheated. These people couldn’t seem to muster faith because there was something injured in their own spirits.
    Anne had a sharp mind and an astonishingly developed consciousness given her tender age, and a willing spirit, the very ingredients that make it possible to keep faith alive in spite of evidence to the contrary. My personal faith is that she was right. There is much to be sad and even angry about, but there is also hope for improvement.

  7. Faith is believing in something. For example, I have plenty of faith the sun will rise tomorrow morning. I don’t know that it will, the chances are it will, it has every morning, but anything can happen. I thus plan my life around the faith that it will.
    Having blind faith in something is the result of brainwashing and gullibility. 😉
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks

  8. It is a byproduct of the Consciousness. It is not, however, a mere final result of reflection, a “last stop” towards enlightenment, but more of a crutch for people torn by their passions. People who are ruled by fear, insecurity, lack of self-esteem or good old rationality need these crutches to make sense of their own lives and of things which surround them. Since neither Darwin nor Einstein can`t give a hopeful and happy explanation that would appeal to all, the safe haven again turns out to be Faith. It is necessary to distinguish between Faith and Religion because Religion is a set of rituals and moral norms usually practiced by its members while Faith is a more universal phenomenon not completely reserved for any one area of human activity. However, Faith is again the unrealistic, irrational belief which is usually in need of a stronger support; for which role the different Deities seem to be perfect for. The world functions on statistics, not faith. “What will be will be.”, “Thy will be done.”, “It`s in God`s hands now.”, are only a couple of examples where people cannot cope with the harsh reality of rationality and numbers and so take refuge in Faith in guidance and divine wisdom of their preferred Deity. It is hard to choose things in life and it is even harder to accept the consequences of your actions especially when those consequences do not turn out to be the ones wished for or expected. It is easier to speak of “Destiny”, “God`s plan” or other deterministic 101 philosophy although this kind of speech speaks more of the psychological state of the speaker. As I am sure this response does too. There is no plan other than the one you make for yourself, there is no alternative other than accepting the consequences of your actions and there is no other way of being human other than becoming a human by constantly doing these things BECAUSE you know it is absurd. For my part, I consider this last sentence to be the best definition of Faith as I see it. You decide if you will ponder over these lines, reject them as blasphemous (for the record, I am not an atheist), or simply misguided. If the latter is the case, all I can say is: I am human, after all


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