Home Discussion Forum Is everything held together and organized by consciousness?

Is everything held together and organized by consciousness?


  1. Absolutely not. If our conscious structure kept our brain organized we would be absolutely bonkers, schizophrenic, at least. We mind assigns a lot of the tasks of organization to a lower level, the Subconscious. Just because we don’t “think” with it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That is why we always can’t remember things on cue, and why we remember things we didn’t expect to. The subconscious mind hides these operations from us.

  2. Freud’s theories have been proven flawed. Referencing Freud as a credible source is erroneous. But what do you mean by ‘everything’? And are regarding consciousness as a physiological process, or rather in a metaphysical sense. Your question is too vague to be answered properly.

  3. Consciousness held together with thought, knowledge, awareness, and of course, being make a perfect instrument for organization. If held apart, it will bring chaos. Maybe it’s wise to strive for excellence, to have the desire and the will for it. Does that make it a need? Maybe, or maybe it’s just how nature works. Cause/Effect? God knows!0!
    Good luck!

  4. Cordova
    You got it right
    (10 points for you IF i had them to give)
    WE are the WORLD
    that holds our world together
    When you stop your Internal Dialogue
    We stop the world!

  5. My everything… is held together and organized by consciousness and the otherwise… logic and imagination…
    Well like many, there’s two parts of me… the first one is the me who actually bothers to be a little logical while I’m conscious…
    The second one lets my mind loose while I’m not conscious… during my sleep or day-dreaming sessions…
    So not everything is held together by my conscious… its all jumbled in my mind, no matter if I’m awake or otherwise…

  6. No. It’s not. Consciousness is the result OF the organization of physical things.
    The grounding for what you know is real is where you can’t go any further without contradicting yourself. For example reality is grounded in logic because you can’t argue against logic without logic. You can’t argue against the senses because you’d be using the senses to do so.
    Logic and empiricism exist regardless of consciousness. This is my understanding of epistemology and ontology. This is why I am a staunch supporter of people having objectivity a higher priority than subjectivity.
    I know that “What the Bleep” and other pseudo scientific movements have caused people to believe that the world is a subjective realm, but in effect they are telling themselves that it’s objectively true that everything is subjective which is obviously in this formulation self refuting.

  7. Blapperz 1; Unus 0.
    Your theory is called the Primacy of Consciousness. Unus supports you.
    Blapperz theory is called the Primacy of Existence. I’m with him.


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