is everything first thought of in spirit, the purpose of all religion is to show us this?





satan represents our ego, thinking selfish, outside of whole. God represents our wholeness, and thinking for all. problems dont exist unless you live by ego, go back to the creation story, god told adam to not eat of the tree of knowledge, but adams ego seperated himself from god, and thats when confusion begin. satan is real as well as god, but they should be looked at in this spiritual way of seeing this.


  1. Some of you observations are right on spot.
    The Creator is wholeness, harmony and love.
    The evil is our ego, although there is no separate being as Satan.
    We were created as a desire, the desire to receive, to be able to receive all the bounty from the Creator who is the pure giver.
    This is the purpose of creation and that is where we really exist.
    But in that perfect picture we never realized how perfect things are, as we did not have anything to compare that state to, so we existed as a baby inside the womb.
    As a result the perfect picture was distorted, the uinitially connected single human soul was broken into pieces, over our desire to receive we received the intention”for our own sake” (this is basically the ego) and we found ourselves here in this reality.
    But this is nobody’s fault, this is all by purpose, this is our actual starting point.
    From this negative state, with the Creator hidden from us, we need to climb back to the initial perfect state, but this time by free will, and by our own effort.
    In the process we have to change the intention “for our own sake” to the intention “for others”, we have to reconnect the initial united human soul together, and at the end reconnect with the Creator again.
    The short answer to your question: yes everything is first thought of in spirit, and actually stays in spirit, our life here is like a so called laboratory, to prepare our return back to spiritual.
    It is quite a lot of story summarized together, and at first it may seem very complex, and fairy tale like.
    But it seems you have given this quite a lot of thought, that is why I expanded on it.
    If you would like to learn about our path a bit more, here is a link that can guide you to further study:!%2BAnswers&utm_medium=forum&utm_content=text-link&utm_campaign=semester-winter-2008
    I hope you find this helpful.

  2. The spiritual way of looking at the “eating” is non-attachment. Original sin is still happening, that is why we still suffer. As long as we are attached to desires, we will suffer, rich or poor. The eating is attachment, the fruit is the result, knowledge is action or inaction. We must learn not to be anxious of whether we succeed or not. We just do what should be done without worrying about results.

  3. The truth is revealed through he spirit. The flesh was created first and then the spirit. The first should serve the last. revelation of God is through the spirit.

  4. This is the fundamental mistake of Platonism. Christianity shows itself to be a form of Platonism by thinking this way (though not all Christians are Platonists, but most are).
    Aristotle held that one is virtuous by doing virtuous things. I agree. Nice thoughts are completely irrelevant if deeds are bad, and bad thoughts are irrelevant when deeds are good. Or, as Wet Wet Wet put it “so if you really love me, come on and let it show”.

  5. True.
    The book of Genesis is not talking about a physical place. It is all existing within the consiousness of man/or the soul.

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