Home Discussion Forum Is eternal reincarnation of interest to you?

Is eternal reincarnation of interest to you?

I don’t know if eternal reincarnation is of interest to me. The thought of having crap lives makes me feel ill. Saying that, there’s bound to be some good times as well.


  1. maybe.
    depends on what u get reincarnated as. i doubt if i would be interested in bein reincarnated as such things as ants, spiders, rats, snakes or other uninteresting creatures.

  2. Eternal reincarnation does not sound very interesting to me at all…this is my one life to live and if I mess it up or miss out on opportunities, that’s just too damn bad.

  3. I like to be as open-minded as possible. I am a liberal Christian. I think there is a God and there is something called eternity. Maybe we are all aspects of God. We are literally God, and everything that happens happens to God. Hopefully, in my next incarnation I’ll have more fun, rest and relaxation. Meantime, it seems to me that behaving one’s self has a whole new meaning when you suppose that the kind of life you’ll experience in your next incarnation — will be determined by how you lived in this life.

  4. Eternal reincarnation? I am not sure what you are meaning here…that we just reincarnate over and over? Like recycling? That is for hte dark spirits. I believe we have a choice about reincarnating. I think God lets us choose whether or not to come back here to learn and grow spiritually. I believe that any karmic debt we incur in this life time we pay for in this life time. I also believe that a human spirit can only take a human form. We do not come back as animals, trees, insects, etc.
    Good luck finding what you are looking for!

  5. “eternal” ? that means forever . what happens when the planet eventually gets sucked into the sun ? which it will . then what ? for me ? no thanks . i’ll live & die just like everybody else .

  6. If reincarnation is real, I doubt we get a choice of participating or influencing what we come back as. I’d imagine that given the choice of existence or non-existence, most would chose to exist (just a natural drive in life to exist). As for influencing what we’d come back as, how many smart, attractive, successful, rich people can the world support? I don’t think too many folks would try coming back as a baby with a life changing disability for example. Might be neat to come back as that “fly on the wall” for one “life”, but then you really wouldn’t have the capacity to understand the conversation you were in the room with anyway.
    Personally, don’t really think reincarnation exist, but if it does, I’ll just go along for the ride.


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