Is enlightenment no different than any other hobby/activity?





How is enlightenment and the pursuit of it different from, say, car maintenance and the pursuit of it or skiing and the pursuit of it? Is there any difference at all?


  1. these are of the material world and do not bring true happiness.
    it is similar in that they are all things that you persue in life

  2. The pursuit of enlightenment truly comes when you have become tired of pursuing all else. It’s a desire from your very core that wants to break free of all that is temporary and find all that which is permanent.

  3. Absolutely!
    As far as I have found, experiencing enlightenment is so far the greatest thing I have known. It changes everything else. I would say that being enlightened makes, “say, car maintenance and the pursuit of it or skiing and the pursuit of it” into a far more inspired and amazing endeavor.
    I would say there is nothing else in this world more worth having because it makes everything else more joyful and more accessible.

  4. Car maintenance and skiing are outer pursuits. One seeks enlightenment by looking in. Read a bit about meditation, find a technique that feels right, and give it a try!

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