Is empathy a nautral normal ability or is it a psychic ability like telepathy?

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I talking about “sensing” people’s emotions, not just reading their body language or they way they talked, I mean sumthing just like telepathy, except with emotions, and can I really affect other people’s emotions.
If it is putting yourself in other people’s shoes how do you explain people who can read emotions.

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No, empathy is something that people learn when they are very small. Empathy isn’t sensing another persons emotions, its the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand what they are feeling based on that. Even if you have never experienced the death of a loved one, if your friends grandma died, you being able to put yourself in his/her shoes and understand the grief that they are going through is empathetic. You aren’t “sensing” their feelings, you are actually “feeling” their feelings. So, I guess in a way that is “reading” someones emotions. .
People who never learned empathy have no remorse, can’t understand other people’s feelings. Sociopaths have no empathy for others. Thats why they are able to kill and harm others without feeling guilt or remorse—because they can’t understand how other people are feeling.
Edit: We all learn body language and facial expressions before we can even talk. Babies can mimic the facial expressions of others. If you see someone that is smiling, you see that they are happy. If they are crying or frowning you know they are sad. Based on your own feelings and your own experiences, as we get older, we are better able to understand the signals, body language, tone of voice facial expressions and even the look in someones eyes and can sense how they are feeling. So you aren’t being “psychic”, you are just reading another persons signals that they are giving.


Empathy is natural, and everyone has the ability, except sociopaths, though I think it varies in degree. Like, for example, a hospice worker, as in someone who sits with and cares for the dying, doesn’t make crap for money, but they choose to do that because they care about other people and their suffering. Whereas, say, a repo man probably isn’t that into that kind of thing. But as far as your description goes, I think it is almost entirely based on body language, facial expressions and the like. Maybe people with a keener sense of empathy can actually smell the chemical signals another person is emitting, since adrenaline and things like that DO have a distinct odor. Interesting! But remember, there is a difference between sympathy, which is feeling bad on behalf of someone, and empathy, which is feeling bad WITH someone when they are feeling bad.


You should go to this site. They are doing this at my little girls elementary school. At first I didn’t understand it but once I went to the site I thought it was a very good idea. I believe the program should be taught everywhere. I think empathy is natural but as a person grows up they run into prejudices. Empathy should be felt for everyone by everyone. It teaches our children that we all have the same feelings. Sorrow, fear, pain etc. If people learned the true meaning of empathy from an early age there would be a lot less hate and wars.


We six senses. Mind is the sixth one. Eyes can see the from and ears can hear the words. Mind picks up the subtle things. It picks up the purpose of the objects. When mind is trained to do its job properly, you get the ability of empathy.


Yes, I agree with the first person, we learn this at young age. But then, people without any sort of empathy (remorse) hardly exist. Also the most cruel people usually have somebody that is dear to them.
I remember one case in Germany; one of the most cruel terrorists (Ulrike Meinhof) of the RAF. Unlike the Nazi’s, Meinhof was also ruthless towards her own family. Research has shown that her behaviour can be the result of brain disorder. She had had a brain operation (for a tumour) in the years before she became a terrorist. The ability for empathy was damaged during this operation, which explained her behaviour in the years after.

Phyllis C

Empathy is learned responce to others, it has nothing to do with psychic abilities. Its more an emotional level of knowing how someone else feels.


Well ED this is a good question because many people confuse empathy with sympathy, psychologically speaking empathy means to be vicariously experiencing feelings and emotions so that one imaginatively get infused in a subjective state with what is being sensed, understood or being aware of. heres Webster’s dictionary definition of empathy “it is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either, the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objective explicit manner” .
It is neither purely an innate capacity , psychic nor acquired but a little bit of this and that, a whole bunch of factors may enhance or supress such capacity such as education, socioeconomic status, culture, experience, motives,tendencies and sometimes health problems, mental or psychological problems.
sympathy on the other hand is an inclination to favor, support or share ones’ feelings and interests of another. your second question ED, yes you can affect other people’s emotions by being either empathic or sympathetic but the latter is much more attainable.
Politicians, movie industry, artists, actors, preachers,the mass media all utilize empathy and sympathy to affect the targeted audiences feelings and emotion to serve certain agenda. Good luck Ed.


…Uh, no.
You’re talking about either literally feeling the other person’s emotion when your original emotion was different and\or having another sense go off (seeing a color)? That’s psychic empathy.
Normal empathy is ‘putting yourself in another person’s shoes’. *Psychic* empathy is what you have. They are VERY different.
Congratulations on this discovery, BTW! This can be a fun gift to play with. Enjoy it. Have fun. (And if you haven’t already, look up the Weiler Psi. It’s a blog run by a psychic who has a lot more data on this kind of thing. Really fun guy.)
Best wishes! 🙂


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