Home Discussion Forum Is Eckhart Tolle (author of New Earth) a vegetarian?

Is Eckhart Tolle (author of New Earth) a vegetarian?

Does anyone know from an interview or video, whether Eckhart Tolle Author of the book “A new earth” and “Power of Now”, Is he a vegetarian or vegan?
I do know that Byron Katie and most spiritual teachers are vegetarians, but was wondering if Eckhart Tolle is vegetarian or not. Thanks in advance!


  1. never heard him mention what he eats but he did mention that he occasionally drinks wine. only mention it because many spiritual teachers say no intoxicants . of course, i don’t think Mr. Tolle has any attachment to drinking because he doesn’t seem to have much attachment to anything. Think he is a great spiritual teacher even though he gets picked on frequently as some new age guru. Most who pick on him only have a very superficially knowledge of him or his teaching.
    I Don’t Know. that’s my vegetarian answer

  2. According to his wife Kim Eng, yes, he eats meat, as he was raised, and it has been a source of differences in their relationship. She came to “accept” it, but as far as I understood, he has not given up meat entirely, Being able to be still and present does not necessarily free one from all cultural conditioning.

  3. thinking that things do not change is the phenomena of bondage to cultural or conceptual thinking. Realized beings come to prepare us for the next coming of a teacher. Many are locked into the images of past teachings and dogma’s. The guru’s of today are not like the teachers of yesterday. The new guru for Westerners is a Westerner, with western experiences and cultural preferences ( like eating meat).
    We must open our minds and free ourselves from frozen concepts to be able to accept the evolved teachings of new teachers. To be in the present moment is to be free of preconception. it is what it is.

  4. Hitler was actually NOT vegetarian you can search for his chef’s recipe book with his favorite dishes. Eckhart says in the interview he hasn’t read a book about it.

    • Here in Germany, most historian agree that he was for the most part a vegetarian – especially in the last 8 years of his life. Even before the mid 30s, Hitler mostly ate vegetables, though he ate bird meat…and did occasionally eat liver dumplings. He eventually stopped eating meat altogether. Some maintain – in the U.S. especially – that this was some kind of propaganda message from Göbbels ministry to disseminate a “vegetarian” picture of Hitler. Indeed, it was just the opposite. Göbbels, and much of the Nazi upper echelon, tried to conceal this fact – as it seemed to conflict with the image of a strong Aryan.
      That said, I think your missing the point about Eckhart Tolle, which to me, is still accurate. What he maintains is that your diet has nothing to do with so-called “spirituality”. There are very “spiritual” people who are vegetarians, and there are numerous vegetarians who are not “spiritual” in the least. Same goes with meat eaters. I am personally a vegetarian and (mostly vegan), but would agree that most vegans I know, have no real interest in a spiritual quest.


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