Is Earth's magnetic field a critical energy souce of all living things?

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I’ve heard that the earth’s energy field is a critical energy source for all living things. While science appears not to have any clear answer as to why, I’m told that when exposed to it, all living things know what to do with it, in the same way they know how to use the Sun’s energy, food and other nutriets consumed into their bodies.
I’ve also heard that over the last 100 years, due in great part to the all the concrete, steel etc. this energy source has been greatly blocked from being absorb by our bodies. One of the results is that digenerative diseases, have also increased exponentially over the same period of time.
Is there any truth to the above?

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while the magnetic field may affect some species as a navigation aid, it has a lesser effect on humans.
the concrete and steel you refer to are simply one aspect of our new way of life…not all of which is beneficial.
we are much less active than we used to be, and the food we eat is not as natural.
we think that the room we are in is reality. In fact, reality is what’s outside that room but we prefer privacy and comfort.


Such is the way of the Force!


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