Home Discussion Forum Is earth just another part of heaven?

Is earth just another part of heaven?

Is this place just another spiritual environment where we choose to be aware of. Then would the brain be a tool to measure those frequencies and establish the ego? The creator who made this would surely be honored to you wanting to be here. Also, are we existing on multiple levels of existence and bringing our idea of what heaven would be like here due to our imaginative abilities. 😉
This place sure is fun.
I’m sure alot of people don’t see it this way.


  1. There will be a NEW heaven and NEW earth. Same earth or not it will be so different it will be considered new.

  2. Yes you are right, a lot of people don’t see this way. Some say, heaven is a state of mind, some say : heaven is a mirror of the world and some say : it doesn’t exist at all.

  3. The earth will another part of heaven when Astronomy based para-psychology and advice of God and 150 high spirits got and followed by all religious and political leaders of the world.If they implemented the advice of the God by a great useful project the earth will another part of heaven.

  4. Heaven or Hell is all in our mind. We create it.
    We’re living in heaven on this planet earth if we can see it as a recreational ground. Everything is fun, even answering and asking questions in this Yahoo thing.


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