Is earth first a religion, and are tree huggers religious or just spiritual?

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Are tree huggers, or some tree huggers religious to the hugging of trees?? Are some of them only spiritual?

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Elissa <3



Anything that involves changing your natural mentality towards the world is a religion.


The earth is something to walk on…what the heck?? UNCLEAR

Mike P



I am an Eclectic Pagan.
I guess “tree huggers” and earth based religions you are speaking about are spiritual. But, remember that the Pagan religions that were prominant before and during Christianity were the earth first religions and are still prevelant today. The old Native American beliefs as well as the early pagans believed “take from the earth what you need and what was given to you by the Great Spirit, but leave it like you found it. Replenish what you have taken and nuture it a new.” Nothing wrong with that concept. This way there will be another resource later when you need it and that “tree hugger” that replanted a tree in your area just helped replace oxygen in the atmosphere, stopped erosion of the land, and purified the soil, as well as adding living space for the wildlife in the area. Everything works together and is circular in its results.
Blessed be and Peace

Morning Star

A religion around nature is illogical. The mechanisms of life on our planet originated somewhere. We do not know if they originated from something or someone greater so this viewpoint fails to take all possibilities into account as we KNOW that mechanisms outside our own planet exist.


No I think the earth is a planet dude.


one can not truly be religious or spiritual with out respect for the earth……


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