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Is Derek Acorah a real medium?

Just asking your opinion, do you think that Derek Acorah is a real psychic medium?


  1. I think he’s another fake. His book is full of lies and anecdotal stories that cannot be checked out. He even describes a part of Liverpool in a way that is very untruthful. Thousands of people walk past this small grave site every day but he still describes it as a large cemetery full of ‘spirits’. It’s demonstrably untrue.
    Colleagues from the show have complained that he uses all sorts of tricks to support his claims to be psychic. He researches the area they are going to and is well prepared with local information. Parapsychologists have resigned from ‘Most haunted’ because he undermines what they see as serious studies.
    My ‘bulls*it detector’ always starts beeping when somebody who claims to be ‘spiritually in tune’ is materialistic enough to be wearing gold bracelets and earrings and driving expensive cars.

  2. i really do not know properly. i just cannot come to a conclusion. some say he is a fraud and some others say he really is a medium. i think that sometimes he is a fraud but after i browsed the net i also came to think whether he really could be true. so i have a list of all the websites and they r really interesting. so it is up to u now. read them and find out whether he is a fraud or whether he is true.

  3. He’s a real crackpot.
    If you go into You Tube, you can watch all the deleted scenes from Most Haunted.
    Not only will it show Derek to be a fraud, but how much of a fraud Yvette is as well.

  4. Well I’ll tell you this. If I was standing behind Derek Acorah on this investigation (see link), I would have been legitimately scared.

  5. I do think that Derek Acorah is a real medium!!!!!! BUT………… I think he fakes a lot of what you see on TV. He obviously has some abilities but I think he show plays for the television cameras. I just hate the way he carries on when supposedly chanelling. I also hate the way he finds it necessary to dominate any investigation that he is part of. He supposedly has no knowledge of the site prior to going there, but on numerous occasion in the show he has made reference to some prior knowledge. In my opinion, his show is purely for entertainment value only with no base of evidence etc. I much prefer the shows where they go in with a more investigative approach and try t find some evidence rather than some gregarious peanut carrying on like an idiot.
    His show Ghost towns is a business and he appears very successful, I guess if he was to carry out a normal investigation without the showmanship the show may never rate as high as it does. On a side note, I think the show is very damaging to the very premise of Paranormal and If I were not a beleiver, one episode of his show would certainly see me a very firm skeptic


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