Is Deepak Chopra a traitor for calling Rush Limbaugh immoral?

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What right does any of us have to judge someone for drug abuse, child abuse, divorce, gluttony, or whatever? Shouldn’t we forgive those who practice sinful lifestyles instead of calling them immoral? Shame on you Deepak. DITTOS EL RUSHBO!!
Did Deepak grow up a Hindi like Piyush Jindal?

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Repuke I

the fat pig rush thinks parkisan’s is a phony act


Rush Limbaugh is a waste of life. Period

just a guy with an opinion

He’s just a guy with an opinion, like the rest of us.


I could care less that’s their issue, if they even care.


Is Deepak Chopra a traitor to whom? I think he’s from India. By the way, he’s actually the smartest guy in the world.


i have no idea who Deepak Chopra is so i cant call him anything but Rush is known to everyone because he has talent on loan from God




No. But I think Rush was more immoral and a traitor for calling Obama’s policies to fail.


Rush spends his life judging people. He has to expect the same rules to apply to him and his private life.


I want Limbaugh to fail.


Doesn’t the Right preach self reliance & control? So no, Chopra is not the issue here, Rush is the traitor.


All liberals hate Rush, they wont to live in there dream world thanking they are right and every one else is wrong. The truth sometimes really hearts them.
By the way I wont Obama’s policies to fell also expecally all the ones that heart America.


He’s the Indian Jim Bakker


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