Home Discussion Forum Is death an absolute end to your consciousness?

Is death an absolute end to your consciousness?

People never think what comes after death while they are living with the belief that death is an absolute end


  1. The more important matter is that it shouldn’t matter
    Seriously… if no one worried about how or when they were gonna die wouldn’t things run a lot smoother?

  2. No
    You live on in spirit an Consciousness.
    You either go to the light to face judgement.
    Or you stay here and be a ghost.
    You know they have authorized pictures of Ghosts
    Like a million of them at least.
    These are fully documented cases on record.
    In London,England if you do not have a ghost in your house they think you are a nut-job.
    Get real dudes

  3. No.
    It is pure consciousness (light of life) that is the eternal part of who you are.
    And that is why Christ pleaded with people to become “Children of the Light.”
    Click on my avatar for an explanation.
    And to tell you the truth, I am shocked at the above answers that say yes. I can tell you without any doubt the answer is No. In fact, all the major religions (when they were in their most pure form were about how to discover this shining eternal light within yourself… the Kingdom is within you…. that eternal kingdom is in that realm of consciousness.
    And I am not speaking as a theory… I know first hand.
    Important question: thanks.

    NOR I

  5. I’m afraid so, and fear of death and the inability to grasp the concept of death are two of the main reasons why religion was invented.

  6. Death is the end of our flesh and human feelings and we will be of the spirit. That’s why there will be no tears in heaven or pain we will be 100% heavenly minded.
    If you go to hell there will always be suffering over and over.

  7. A Fool only measures life through the present. Of course theres life after death and thats what you should focus on with however long you live on earth. After this body dies theres an eternity in heaven or hell. Follow Jesus is my opinion, he calls heaven eternal life and Hell Death.

  8. Aside from the spiritual aspect of your question, studies have been shown that in the minutes after death, when the heart is stopped and brain activity ceases, that there have been unexplainable instances when another form of consciosness kicks in. People in these studies have been clinically dead and reported floating above there body and in some cases described in accurate detail events and happenings around there body during the period when they were clinically dead.
    There are a number of studies like this being done but the early suggestion is that there is consciousness beyond death. They just dont know why, and for how long it lasts.

  9. Ecclesiastes 9:5,
    “For the living are conscious that they will die, but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, niether do they anymore have wages because the rememberence of them has been forgotten”
    Death = opposite of life, non exsistant

  10. I don’t believe it is.
    Unlike many people that follow a Dharmic path, I want to be reincarnated, I love this world, and I love living in it, I don’t want to merge with the All (God), I don’t want to have an unconscious bliss, I want to live in this beautiful and unpredictable (and sometimes wholly depressing) world of ours.
    In some respects Hinduism doesn’t fit with my personal beliefs, but that is to be expected… After all no one’s religion will fit ALL of their beliefs.. so you either have to change your beliefs or change your religion.
    Thankfully I don’t have to do either, although this belief of mine (Wanting to reincarnate) is a bit unorthodox, it isn’t as bad as, say for example, wanting to be a Hindu and a mass murderer 🙂
    and besides if I do reincarnate than maybe in my next life I will be ready to leave this world and than achieve Moksha (liberation from rebirth).

  11. I have two contradictory experiences to give as an example .
    First when I blacked out and also when I have gone through surgery I have absolutely No conscious memory of those events. It is as if I was dead to myself.Could this be the same as death?
    Yet my brother who has worked as a tech at a University saw the ghost of his favorite teacher from High school who lived a thousand miles away and there was no way that my brother could have known that she had suddenly passed away.
    Science has shown us that energy never dies -and that the entire Universe is always in motion -something is always going some where. Could the energy that drives our life be sustained once the receptacle (brain and body) no longer functions. Does that energy just die ? -Now there is a contradiction.

  12. I know for fact (personal experience) that my consciousness will continue to exist after I die physically. I’ve had many out-of-body experiences, I’ve passed through walls, and I’ve spoken with non-physical entities. That’s why I can never be an atheist. I can never be religious either because my experiences have shown that heaven and hell do not exist either.

  13. “And since the mind is one part of man, which abides rooted in a place determined, just as are ears and eyes and all the other organs of sense which guide the helm of life; and just as hand and eye or nostrils, sundered apart from us cannot feel nor be, but in fact are in a short time melted into corruption, so the mind cannot exist by itself without the body…”

  14. no, it absolutely is not the end. consciousnes expansion goes on and on and on and on. i agree with ryan about ghosts. i,myself have seen them. nothing to be afraid of, either. loved ones that die, have a consciousness that lives on. i don’t think it, i know it. the only judgement we have though, is the judgement we have upon ourselves, during our life review. we see the good and the harm we have done to others. have you ever heard of dannion brinkley. he has books about his near death experiences. he talks in detail about the life review.
    he was already pronounced dead. but, he was jolted back into his body. i have had those jolts back into my body as well. http://www.neardeath.com has good examples. there is never going to be an absolute end.

  15. i liek how you phrased the question despite some others beleiving you have to change it according to their preferences
    well, first of course we dont know if it is or not
    but it is a possibility, same as it is a possiblity it is not the end
    as for what people think, they came to their own conclusions on death and afterlife, from their own experiences, beleifs, knowledge and understanding, and to be honest you cant really dispute that or expect anything else
    really, they just did what you did, but they came to another conclusion
    so, those who believe death is the absolute end, HAVE thought about what comes after death, because, to come to this conclusion, they woudl have had to consider and think about the question what is after death in the first place


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