Is David Cook going to be singing at the Super Bowl today? Let me know?? ?

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Well is he? Or is Jenniffer Hudson gonna be singing the National Anthem? Why? :[

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Jennifer will sing the National Anthem
Bruce Springsteen will entertain at halftime.

Charlie W

Bruce Springsteen only

Pixie :]

I dont know but I sure hope not.

Got Miley?

yeah, my bro told me its gnna b Hudson…


Jennifer=National Anthem
Bruce=Halftime show
Where did u hear about david cook?

Russell the Jack

don’t really know

Judas Rabbi

No, Bruce Springsteen is,.

Snuggie <3

I heard J. Jackson and J.T. were gonna do the halftime show…

Marie Sensei

No,William Hung will sing “She Bang” and then sing the National Anthem


i dont think so…

Amanda S

I hope so:) but i don’t think so.


david cook sucks…the only people who have had good careers are people who didnt win except for kelly clarkson
Carrie Underwood- Didnt win
Chris Daughtry- Didnt win
Fantsia- won…whered she go
Reuben Studard- whered he go
Clay Aiken- the only thing weve heard about is him being gay


Carrie Underwood WON , Kelly Clarkson WON, and David Cook is doing just fine with a platinum album, two platinum singes and one gold singel…so I wish he was singing the national anthem or even better the halftime show..I am tired of these old geezers (sorry I do not like Springsteen) being at the halftime show…it is weird and sort of gross.
Jennifer is a good singer, but I don’t like how she does the anthem so that will be another disappoint show…

Marissa D

Jennifer Hudson is far more talented than David Cook, that’s why.

Miss Helpful:]]

jennifer Hudson and Bruce Springstein are the only singers.


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