Home Discussion Forum Is Dalai Lama fast becoming another Yasser Arafat ?

Is Dalai Lama fast becoming another Yasser Arafat ?

Dalai so far fails to reach a deal with the chinese while the leader of the Youth Tibet Association threatens to use all kinds of violences against China in order to achieve Tibet independence , the youth leader even see their youth Tibet movement comparable to PLO and Hamas .Do you think the Free Tibet movement one day be branded as a terrorist movement?


  1. The Dalai Lama is a man of peace
    Do you see anybody being killed by terroist bombings in this
    political dispute
    Is the Dalai lama organising terrorist groups to go and kill
    the Chineese murderers
    Yasser Arafat was a murderer and a terrorist
    You must be a very confused person
    Do you get your news from Katie Couric?
    or the NY times

  2. The Chinese apologists and their flunkies will stop at nothing to discredit the free Tibet movement. At first their tack was that Tibet has always been historically Chinese. When that didn’t work, they turned their attention to discrediting the true Dalai Lama. Since that has failed, they’re now trying to model the Tibetan movement for independence as just another fringe terrorist organization.

  3. Do you work for the Chinese Embassy?
    Or are you just crazy?
    The Dalia Lama is deeply religious, and so by western standards is not totally compatible with the concept of separation of church and state, but he is not Arafat.

  4. It depends on the outcome. if the movement turn violent, yes, perhaps some people may consider him as Arafat. If the movement is peaceful and successful, perhaps he will be remembered as the next Martin Luther King Jr. or the next Ghandi.


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