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Is Crystal Healing quackery?

Crystal Healing seems to be quite a popular branch of alternative medicine, with tons of weasel-worded healing claims, but I cannot find one shred of scientific evidence that supports its efficacy for anything.
Instead I find only pseudoscience, mysticism, anecdotes, and lots of books for sale.
So, is there any evidence for the efficacy of crystal healing?
How does it work?
Or is it just another expensive placebo?
Links to robust, peer reviewed scientific data would be much appreciated.
I don’t want a crystal to do anything – I’m researching alternative medicines.
Kaye, thanks – but ‘energy’? Thats a bit general – what form of energy and how does it heal? What is the evidence for this please?
Altmedspecialist, your definition of quackery is “Deliberate misrepresentation of the ability of a substance or device for the prevention or treatment of disease.”
So just put “Is Crystal Healing” in front of that and you should get the drift.
But in any case you presenting a strawman argument – really I just want some evidence of efficacy. Can you help with that or not.


  1. You probably will not find any peer reviewed scientific data. What is it you want the crystal to do?
    Crystals are used in science a lot, instead research that and see if it has any relevance to healing. My opinion is that you could find something and I also agree withthe psuedoscience mystic claims being useless.

  2. Yes- that’s the only reasonable conclusion to draw, – considering it has no plausible mechanism to work and has never been demonstrated to work.
    My questions and Answers are set to private because I had issues with a troll awhile back. As I’ve said before, all the alties are most welcome to add themselves to my contact list so they can view my questions and answers. I have nothing to hide, and unlike the alties, I do not block people who disagree with me from answering my questions. Please feel free.

  3. As naturally occurring crystals are quite rare, I think that some people have assigned an almost mystical quality to them, for no good reason as far as I know. People seem to concentrate on the more translucent varieties that are variations of silicon dioxide, (also known as ‘sand’ or ‘glass’) and interestingly enough shy away from the more expensive crystals such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds etc.
    This leaves things such as quartz, amethyst, citrine, topaz etc; all still very pretty to look at but also conveniently affordable from your local ‘ethnic-type-shop-normally-burning incense-and-selling-buddha-figurines and-overpriced-shawls-from-Nepal etc’.
    If people think these crystals heal, then there must be a reason why they DON’T think other crystals such as salt, glass, sand, sugar, pieces of metal, rust, granite (in fact nearly every piece of rock) do NOT heal.
    I also await with great interest for any light to be shed on this conundrum. I’m hoping it’ll be something a little more intelligent than: “Crystals are pretty and nice, therefore they must do something nice. It must be to do with ‘energy’ or something else the physics teacher was talking about when I was doodling daisies.”
    Edit: My questions/answers are blocked to prevent alt med loonies from trolling into questions I answer in other sections. No idea why altmednonspecialist has blocked me though. Probably just cowardice….

  4. No Crystal Healing is not quackery. Procedures and remedies ARE NOT EVER quackery!
    Quackery is always A PERSON that misrepresents a treatment not the treatment itself. Once again you have acted clueless. Why don’t you just say what your hidden agenda is finally Gary? Gary you may want to plan your bias attack a little bit better.
    Quackery definition:
    Quackery: Deliberate misrepresentation of the ability of a substance or device for the prevention or treatment of disease. We may think that the day of patent medicines is gone but look around you and you will see them still. They appeal to our desire to believe that every disease is curable or at least treatable. Quackery also applies to persons who pretend to be able to diagnose or heal people but are unqualified and incompetent.
    Edit: I give you kudos though Gary for not hiding your questions and answers like Rhianna and dave. You still ignore facts I show you every time,but at least you don’t act scared.
    Edit: Rhianna I apologize!
    Edit: Really dave? I blocked you for 2 reasons. #1~because you sent me a nasty letter calling me mentally ill because I created another ID to answer your question when I didn’t remember the login information for the 1st one since I didn’t use it for about a year. You still avoided my question to you about alt meds and only engage in cut downs!
    #2~Because I want everyone to see you lose in a debate with me,but you are too scared to engage in debate. That’s why you hide behind a biased question and don’t engage in follow up questions because you are not for the truth. Your goal is to paint a picture not show what the reality is and I want the world to see your bias!
    Edit: My point is that if you want to ask if it works then do so,but when you ask if it’s quackery you are giving it personification when people commit quackery not treatments.
    By using quackery word you are trying to generalize as much as you can to make as much as you can about alt meds look bad. You would sound more credible if you stop trying to darken every part of alt meds. Look at my answers. I point out things for and against alt meds.
    To be honest I don’t feel this crystal therapy works. Someone gave me one weeks ago and I notice nothing,but I don’t know enough about it either.

  5. I guess someone’s panties are in a bunch. Notice how only a semantic rant was made regarding the quack’s position. I’ll answer with no semantic ambiguity:
    Crystals in the alternative medicine sense have no healing properties. Anybody who offers crystals for any health condition other than a deficiency in one of the elements contained in the crystal (e.g, iron salt crystals for treating iron deficiency anemia, which is not the use of crystals in the altenative sense) is a quack.

  6. HAI is YES at Japan, is no genuine evidence of crystal healing, is quite contrary of science and logic, is no scientific mechanism explain it. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” is good maxim follow at such matters, if anyone claim crystals can heal he must prove it and explain why use genuine science not absurd “kuso”.


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