Is crystal healing all in your head?







  1. I have a friend who wholly believes in crystal healing, and yet another friend who thinks it is all in your head, but what does it matter if it works … … … try it and decide for yourself … … …

  2. everything is all in your head..if you believe in something then it is real. that is why it is ok for so many people to believe in different gods, and different religions, because if it makes sense to them, then it is real to them…therefore it is..

  3. I don’t know, the research isn’t there but there are a lot of alternative medicines that seem to help people. Faith and believing in something does count for something.

  4. Is not everything? If you believe it, it is so. What if all pharmaceutical drugs are placebos and we only believe they work? Would not that be a trip?
    Personal perception. The world is illusion.

  5. not in my head but it is in the heads of those who believe in such things — but sometimes if you believe in something it can have a healing effect —

  6. Its like other modalities of alternative medicine. If you believe it will work for you, then your will heal. It’s a healing form that can’t be quantified, so science won’t validate it. But for the people who can sense the energy in crystals, it will heal. I have a crystal that I have to keep at a distance from myself and others because the energy is just too strong to have around all the time. It can keep you awake at night, it channels energy, it opens chakras, it has an aura that extends far beyond its boundries. Different stones, gems, crystals have different healing qualities. Do a little reading. You will be amazed at what you will find after doing a short search.

  7. If it cures pancreatic cancer, you can be sure it works, otherwise
    it is just in your head.
    Doctors will lose their jobs.

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