Home Discussion Forum Is consciousness the natural and inevitable consequence of Evolution?

Is consciousness the natural and inevitable consequence of Evolution?


  1. I doubt it. Why would it be? Humans have been around for a few million years and just happen to be conscious; the way things are going I doubt we’ll last for a million more. Bacteria, bugs, fish, other so-called “lower” critters have been around much, MUCH longer than that (billions of years in some cases) and they seem to be doing just fine without being conscious (assuming that they’re not).
    Besides, it can hardly be “inevitable” if, perhaps, on most planets where life might have evolved in the universe, life was wiped out before consciousness had a chance to evolve. (Possibly Mars, for instance).

  2. Depends on how you define consciousness. If you mean consciousness as a conscious being, conscious of its surroundings, then animals are also conscious, meaning consciousness is more a part of nature than evolution. True, it probably came about through evolution, but you also have to admit that it was originally caused by nature.
    If you mean consciouness as knowledge, in other words, knowledge of the physical laws, then that knowledge had to be inherent prior to evolution or nature, because if it wasn’t, then nature would have no goal or target to be conscious of. It would be conscious of nothing.


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