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Is consciousness the foundation of all being?

Is there another form of being, such as, conscious nonexistence (i.e. a being that is aware that it does not exist)? Are there any other options that we can concieve of; or is there something else out there that cannot be concieved of? — How do we step outside of “mind” for a different perspective?


  1. I think that conciousness is not the best all the time. Knowlege is good and can be used to free you, but sometimes the best thing to do is to leave everything and sit by a stream and let conciousness go.. that is where you find lifes answers… not in conciousness

  2. What a complicated question. If a being is aware it doesn’t exist, doesn’t that mean it exists? If there’s something we can’t concieve of, how can we concieve of it? Have you ever seen a ghost? Communicated with one? Have them be aware of you? Interact with you? Wouldn’t this all be consciousness on some level?

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