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Is consciousness seperate from the body?

As in, will there be some sort of consciousness/spirit that will not die when our bodies die, only change? Than again, it’s only matter that can’t be created or destroyed, but would this apply to the consciousness? Just how much do we know about this?
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  1. IDK…but I think it has a chance. Perhaps that is what dreaming is all about; to give us a glimpse of our potential while keeping it in a safe, manageable arena.

  2. I am not a believer in conventional understandings of consciousness, and life. I would say that consciousness and body are always tied together, unless evolution creates an animal form for conscious-awareness to exist outside of the body in some way, for some survival benefit. In the case of humans I don’t think we have any kind of consciousness that can exist outside or apart from the body. I do believe in universal consciousness, but it only exists as awareness after an organ like the brain brings it about. I think of animals, as apertures with which the universe sees itself, and thinks of itself through use of magnification, and cognition.
    As Epicurus I don’t believe in death in the way many others do. He wrote, “I was, I am, I am not, I don’t mind.” There mere fact that no one can experience nothing, makes death a mirage; a rest.
    Matter can not be created and destroyed, can be applied to refute the belief of a higher plane of existence, which Christians believe in. For example, when a person losses an arm, Christians think that arm will just some how appear in heaven, or hell.
    I prefer to think of the Cosmos as a continuum of energy.
    I think that summarizes my take on life, death, and consciousness.

  3. We actually do know quite a bit about how the brain works. Not every last detail, but enough to say with much confidence that consciousness is a purely physical phenomenon. Consider that your consciousness is entirely dependent on the state of your brain; if they were separate, then sleeping pills and anesthesia should have no effect, since they work on your brain, which is separate from your consciousness. Indeed, if consciousness were in any way separate from the body, then our brains would be more or less completely useless organs, and could be removed like your tonsils or appendix with no discernible effect.
    Likewise, we also know for a fact that everything that defines you as a person–your memories, experiences, talents, preferences, personality, etc.–are physically encoded in your brain in the patterns in which your neurons are interconnected. This is why damage to a section of your brain can affect one or more of these qualities. When you die, this information is lost as your neurons shrivel up. It is much like information being lost when you permanently delete it from a hard drive.

  4. If consciousness is spirit, then it is immaterial and therefore can not be destroyed (incorporeal). There is lots of philosophical work on this. The prevailing theories are materialist, that is the mind/spirit and the brain are the same. When the brain dies, the mind dies. There are several significant duelists out there (mind/brain separate). This field also delves into other areas pertaining to consciousness. Look up Cognitive Studies and Metaphysics. Wikipedia has some good stuff, as well as the Stanford online philosophy encyclopedia.

  5. First, you have to ask “what is matter?” and the answer is “energy”; matter vibrating at a slower vibratory rate can be raised into its essence, very similar to the process of ice/ water/ steam/ vapour/ ether.
    There’s a test you can do for yourself to verify your consciousness, which is your “I AM” centre of awareness. It is: try to picture yourself as lying there ‘dead’, you are immobile (lifeless). Now ask yourself, “Who is the observer?”, or, WHO is doing the observing? Answer: There is always a part of you that is aware, and never dies, IT is eternal.
    Also, what you need to understand are the stages of awareness:
    A] The CONSCIOUS mind, the frontal lobes, is what you function through for gaining information via the senses. It processes the data received from the sensory network.
    B] The SUBCONSCIOUS mind is basically the instinctive mind which keeps the body functioning, signals when you are hungry, thirsty, too hot or too cold, etc., more or less keeping the physical body in working order.
    C] The SUPERCONSCIOUS mind is that higher self that knows all, and it is through the subconscious that one contacts the superconscious state.
    Mind and brain interpenetrate each other, the mind is positive while the brain is negative, and the I AM (Spirit) is the director.
    [quoting author/healer Murdo MacDonald-Bayne]:
    Your body and your brain are instruments which you use just as your mind is also an instrument that you use. You recognize that these are instruments, yet they are one — Spirit, Soul and Body: Spirit, Mind and Brain. One is the complement of the other. Spirit the first cause, the three as the Trinity in man. Life organizes the tissue structures, life organizes the atoms and uses the cells of the organs and complete body for its own self-expression. We will one day leave the physical body and we will carry with us our experiences gained in the physical plane, the brain and the nervous system we leave behind. But there is an interpenetrating Substance in which exists the ethereal brain cells, which are invisible to you at present but will go with your ethereal body.
    There are definite planes of consciousness vibrating at different rates of vibration which have been created for our universal experience by the Infinite. You will react to things external to yourselves just as you are reacting to them now, when you leave the physical body. These reactions are all registered in your mind. You take your mind with you, it is part of the Soul structure which lives after the so-called death. Then you will remember your loved ones and no doubt you will make every effort to help them. How many of our loved ones now are trying to make us perceive the higher truths?
    To become aware of your Reality is to become aware of your own Consciousness; to become aware of yourself as the Divine Christ Consciousness having no limitations, as it was in the beginning, remains now and always will be, unlimited, eternal, the doorway to the Infinite and through which the Infinite expresses Himself in you.

  6. yep. they can even be separated while the body is still living. all things are made of energy, every cell, every being, rock, and molecule is energy. i belive that the soul is plasma (the highest form of matter) and is so full of energy that is what makes me, me and you, you. i think that law is applied to souls as they are pure energy. we don’t really “know” anything for sure. no one has ever come back to tell us about it for 100% sure. but nothing in this life is 100% sure. it is just what you believe in your heart, what you have faith in that is important. be whatever that is


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