Is consciousness really such a mystery?

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From an evolutionary psychological perspective it would be advantageous to possess a central executive that monitors and manipulates neural activity. The fact that consciousness is strongly based on language for meaning is understandable seeing as language alone would have allowed for subjective self-awareness to form. This theory is supported by the fact that all high order internal functioning occurs in the neo-cortex. Why is it that despite the fact that the answers are there in front of us we are still so mystified by it?
This is the Psychology Forum, I’m a psycholoist working on Consciousness and Motivation studies. Philosophers will have a somewhat less scientific view of these concepts.

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Not everyone is.
You should not assume that your reasoning belong to everyone else.

Andrew G

Personally I find unconsciousness more of a mystery

william a

Who said it was a mystery? Anyway, you are in the wrong forum. Have you even read the majority of the type of questions that are asked here? There are excellent philosophy sites on the web – go to their forums.


Consciousness is not such a mystery. In NLP terms we map reality by our beliefs and values. A presupposition: The Map is not the Territory, meaning that we percieve reality through our filters of consciousness. Your reality is different to anyone/everyone elses.


one theory from an evolutionary perspective is that our brain started to evolve into what it is today when we became able to understand competitiveness and cunning and use it to our advantage thus enabling the ability to communicate using language. the fact that animals do not seem to have this ability to our standards does not mean they are not conscious. mysterious?


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