The question I ask, is unanswerable. Yet I ask it to see people opinions and responses, for the consciousness will probibly be one of the last human mysteries we would ever accomplish to resolve.

Yet I’ve wondered, if we were scanned by an almost unlimitedly powerful supercomputer to the exact molecular detail of our body and brain, then we were vaporized and reconstructed in exact detail before we died, would I still be…”me” or “I”?

What if there were two of me?

and for those that think not, what about when we physically lose consciousness all of the time? what about amnesia?


  • Consciousness (the awareness of self that generates the will that is proactive or reactive to experiences) does seem to arise out of the various functions of our brain including memory and logic……. and yet it appears to direct our brain rather than be any part of it as such, which is why a totally material (non-spiritual) identity does not wholly fit how we understand and realize our consciousness. It is because of this spiritual dimension which we are forced to imagine, that makes us believe that even an ‘absolute’ replica of a brain may not create an identical consciousness, if at all it can create one in the first place. Well, that is just a belief born of how we understand, realize and experience our own consciousness….. and as little as we know, who can rule out the possibility of consciousness too being an entirely physical phenomenon that takes place when the various brain functions achieve a certain ‘critical’ stage of connectivity and capability? However, if that were proved to be true, our life would look even more meaningless than it does otherwise!!

  • It’s all physical, but as far as scanning with a machine. We don’t know yet, we have no technology that does anything like that.

  • i think the sense of “I” is a foolish illusion, so if there were 2 exact copys of “me” (or them?) i would still see myself as “I” because i choose to, not out of rational thought but out of desperation for a sense of individuality (for no reason i understand)

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