Is consciousness of consciousness truly what we mean by being conscious?

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It seems to me that a dog is aware but does an animal have a consciousness? If it does doesn’t this mean it’s different that our consciousness?

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I’d say all living creatures have a form of consciousness to some degree or another, the main difference with humans is that we are reflexively conscious, we are conscious that we are conscious… Similarly, we have language, which provide us with a way of symbolically representing concepts and relationships. For example, temporal concepts of past, present and future allow us to recognize patterns of cause and effect, as well as concepts of location, concepts of measurement, of number, of quantity, but especially psychological concepts, which provides us with a rich vocabulary for understanding ourselves. Through concepts of idea and relationship we come to know the world, and ourselves in way that general animal consciousness wouldn’t allow.

joe carpenter

A rose is still a rose, by any other name. What is…. gets small results. Why…will take you to new places.

Yaoi Shonen-ai

What a dog–and other animals have–as consciousness is the equivalent of our own sub-consciousness. If they had cognizance of their own cognizance, they would act like humans, building their own forms of homes, teaching their offspring more than what they know by instinct, etc.

Mountain Dweller

Yes it is what we mean by being conscious. The problem is our terms. We should just refer to consciousness as an awareness that is aware of itself. Awareness, itself, is an activity that is not self-reflective. Most of the time we use these words interchangeable but we really need to separate them.


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