Home Discussion Forum Is consciousness material, or spiritual?

Is consciousness material, or spiritual?

What is the source of consciousness?


  1. If you are destined for hell then consciousness is spiritual
    If you are destined for hell then consciousness is metaphysical
    If you are destined for heaven the consciousness is spiritual.

  2. Your brain is where consciousness comes from.
    Did you think it was mere coincidence that…
    1) Personalities are genetic
    2) Drugs/alcohol can detrimentally affect your mind
    3) Nutrition and health are key to good mental health
    4) Brain damage or drugs can permanently change your personality
    … etc

  3. I think consciousness in probably spiritual. It seems to be that place in us that tells us right from wrong and I am not sure that something material could accomplish that feat.
    This is an interesting thought.

  4. Consciousness is not likely to arise from a single brain structure because there isn’t any part of the brain that’s tied to all the other parts. It’s likely the interplay of several different areas that are all trying to make sense of the information from several regions. As a result, you can’t point at one set of brain activity or another and say, “that right there is consciousness.”
    Instead, it’s like a story: outside of the physical medium of a book or a brain, a story doesn’t exist. However, that doesn’t mean that book or the brain are identical to the story itself.
    Consciousness is immaterial (like a story), but it needs a specific physical medium in order to remain in existence (our body is akin to a book in this sense).
    Another analogy would be a computer program. If the computer or the disk breaks, the program doesn’t work, but the program is not the disk or the computer itself.
    It isn’t material, but it also isn’t spiritual.

  5. Spiritual,as I’ve come to understand it. Your consciousness is the real you and what they often call the soul. It is attached to your body to act as an interface for tactile sensations and experiences in this world which was constructed so we could experience the illusion of seperation from eachother and our source / aka “God”. At the moment of death your consciousness is released and expands to it’s original form / pure energy. Check out nar death experiences listed on http://www.nderf.org for a glimpse at the otherside and the answers to many questions often asked here. Namaste

  6. Consciousness originates from the physical self and is formed by reality. It is both material and spiritual because the mind is formed in a unique pattern of the individual to be materialistic and that the conscious state is a higher entity of the physical self controlled by the spirit that responds with each other.

  7. Difficult question, consciousness is a phenomenon that arises from a physical process but produces what you would deem ‘spiritual’ experiences. The self-aware aspect of yourselves is more of a construct of information than it is of tangible parts.
    Consciousness is a result of a recursive positive feedback loop in which a system is observing the results of its own actions and adjusting them in real time. This awareness exhibits some strange properties which we could call ‘free will’. The brain’s chaotic nature allows it to possess a sort of plasticity which enables on-the-fly changes of neural connections. In this way, it is an ever changing loop of processed and focused information stored in the chemical states of the billions of braincells which generate it.

  8. the natural mind is programmed by the worldthrough the five senses. *sight *sound *touch *taste *smell natural man cannot understand spiritual things. they sound foolish to him. 1cor 2:14 the spiritual man programmed by god’s truth bypasses the senses and emotion, and goes directly to man’s spirit. spiritual man understands all things and is not subject to another man’s judjment.1 cor2:15


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