• I believe that consciousness is one entity and everything in the universe, physical, non-physical, biological and what we term inanimate, is part of that consciousness. Everything is made of energy. Everything vibrates. Everything has consciousness.

  • No, there are many levels of consciousness.

    Matter is only an illusion according to physics. This includes our bodies.

  • Hm! What an interesting Q. Well, now… As opposed to what other sort of entities? Rocks and wind?

    I distinguish life-forms generally into those that are animated by conscious spirit, and those which are essentially brute matter. As much as this computer is nothing more than brute matter, unless I, a higher being give it something to do (and be).

    So my hunch is yup.

  • For a given definition of “consciousness”, yes.

    Some like to abstract consciousness to such a degree that nearly anything that has any form of energy may also have some form of self awareness.

    I don’t personally subscribe to this notion. I believe that self awareness and consciousness are indeed limited to living creatures. Even then, things such as trees and plants do not apparently experience such things. So it is even further limited within biological entities.

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