Is consciousness just an illusion brought on by the selective advantage of large brains?

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If so, isn’t it safe to say this whole ‘experience of living’ is just a living illusion?

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Psyhcologist Major

no your conscious is what makes you it is your inner bieng,spirit, and to believe it is an illusion tells me you are messing around with us or need to see a pscyhcologist


I feel that consciousness is the ability to remember things, remember their context, and apply that memory to current situations. Thought and getting through our every day life is consciousness. Although there is nothing physical there, that doesn’t mean it’s simply an illusion any more than the directions for putting something together aren’t real.

Barbara A

Yes….we are living an “illusion”. Who that illusion belongs to I can not say for sure. I do accept that we add fuel to our own illusions when we think we can control other people, places and things. BUT…how FUN living this illusion can BE!


The size of the brain makes no difference. I wouldn’t say conciousness is an illusion either, it’s the only thing we can truly know does exist.


As long as you have the ability to change your surroundings have a choice to do what you want to do then it cant be an illusion, sometimes it might seem like an illusion when your lost in your thoughts and that ability in it self is what makes us great


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