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Is consciousness evolving in the world…Is there a worldwide progression toward spiritual enlightenment?

My question is somewhat rhetorical in that I am more interested in hearing from people who know about what I am referring to and are not particulairly aligned with one religion in the sense of strict interpretation and dogma.
I am interested in hearing form people who have gone beyond the delusion of ego and are in the process of transcendence and freedom from the “mindbased” reality and more towards the spiritual realm.


  1. very deep, and no in fact any many abstract views from some rather extra normal experiences, indicates to me we are entering another down swing.

  2. Dude, If we could build a fire and share a cup of wine,and a loaf of bread, you would shift your perspective,transcend, know All That Is, and be speechless, like I am right now.

  3. the short answer, from someone who knows what you mean,
    long answer: more or less, yes. but its on a larger scale than most. look how much more metaphysical things, even fictional renditions of them, are SO much more common in the general eye than they used to be? I mean how many magic/metaphysical type movies have been out in the last year? how many new TV shows? off the top of my head, Charmed just concluded after what, like 5 years? but theres now Ghost Whisperer, and Supernatural in their second seasons, Heroes on the second or third episode of its first season and EXTREMELY promising from what I’ve seen and heard. a movie about a stage magician who one ups the other by using real magic instead of an illusion? THREE X-men movies now? look how big spiritual sections in big bookstores are now, how much easier it is to talk about spiritual things in public now….
    its exciting really.
    if you haven’t already done so, I suggest looking into the “Indigo Children” and “Crystal Children” thing that has been developing some buzz, its quite interesting.

  4. The Mayans believed that the Long Count Calendar – which begins anew on 12/21/2012 – will usher in a new age in human evolutionary enlightenment.
    You are not the only one feeling this way. I have spent more time meditating and analyzing my dreams.
    The link below has a lot of other links to various views on the 2012 date and enlightenment.


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